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Barielle Sweet Treats

SPRING has finally SPRUNG here in the Northeast!  Many of us here in CT. were wondering if it was ever going to warm up!

So, I decided to try it out my new colors from Barielle® Shades – Sweet Treats Collection.
The packaging alone is so attractive it’s hard to choose just one!

The Kit Contains 5 Shades: Green Apple Chew (5272) Banana Drop (5273) Lilac Jelly Bean (5274) Blue Cotton Candy (5275) Orange Parfait (5276)

Barielle Sweet TreatsI wanted to create a loose, watercolor flower pattern on my nails… I didn’t want it to look even or perfect.
It’s pretty easy to create this look.  Here’s How:

To Create This Watercolor Gum Drop Nail Look I used:

Banana Drop (5273) – All over as the base color on every nail besides my accent nail

Blue Cotton Candy (5275) – Accent Nail Base Color

Green Apple Chew (5272) – Flower Petals

Lilac Jelly Bean (5274) – Center Dot
Banana Drop (5273) – Center Dot on Accent Nail

Step1 Step2 Step3

All you have to do is paint 2 coats of your base color first and let it dry.  Then with a small paint brush or if you don’t have one, just use the edge of the nail polish brush and lightly brush a few little lines in a circle leaving enough space between each line and space for the center dot.
Once you have your circle of lines then add your center dot & Voilla!  You have a cute daisy!   Allow the center dot to dry and add your favorite dry fast top coat.


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