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Neon colors are always fun to mix and match.  Inspired by styles i’ve seen around the home furnishings industry here’s a quick lil’ nail art experiment using dots and chevrons.  In this nail design I kept it really simple and painted my chevron pattern free hand.  If you’re looking for perfect angles then taping off each nail would be your best route.


Blue Nail PolishI’m Addicted – Essie – Available at Nordstroms, Zappos

Green Nail Polish: Vices Versa – Essie – Available at Nordstroms, Zappos

White Nail Polish: Azature Faint White – Available at or

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Step 1:  Start off with solid blue and solid green nails.  I used I’m Addicted (bright blue nail polish) & Vices Versa (bright lime green) from the new 2014 Neon Collection by Essie.


Step 2:  Using a doting tool (toothpick, tip of a pen or any object with a pointed edge) Make a few evenly spaced dots down the center of your green nails with white nail polish.

Step 3:  Using a small, narrow paint brush create your chevron with white nail polish.

Finally top it all off with your favorite dry fast top coat & VOILLA!  A fun, creative way to dress your nails for summer!
How to create a Chevron:  There are several ways to create a chevron pattern.  In this instance I made 4 white dot across my nails  – 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom of where the tips of the “V” shapes would be.  This helped me keep my zig zag lines straight.  Then I connected the dots alternating white diagonal lines.

Check out my Chevron video tutorial




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Photo credits: Chevron photo collage ––  // Nails by Holly for The Trendy Nail)
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