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Swatch It! Zoya Fall 2013 Cashmere Collection

Zoya Fall 2013 Cashmere Swatches  Zoya recently launched 12 new colors for you to wear this Fall 2013! On Friday night I happened to have a bit of spare time from the hours of 12-4am .. normally I’d be sleeping but instead i found myself changing web hosting companies… So, while my files which included my …

SPECIAL EDITION - SATINS TOPPER Maria - Luisa (ZP662) - Sparkling Cellophane Gold Topper

Zoya Fall Colors

Fall Colors from Zoya have Arrived! Geez.. are we talking about Fall already? As retail stores begin to display fall collections, before you know it those once uber expensive bathing suits and summer outfits will be marked down and we’ll be invaded by summer sale racks! 🙂 As enticing as it seems to see the …