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Nail Foils on Natural Nails

VLog: Nail Foils on Natural Nails

Hey guys,Here’s a cool way to apply holo powder & nail foils on natural nails using natural nail polish. There’s a lot of tutorials showing holo powder on gel nails, but perfecting it on natural nail polish is seldom shown.I decided to dive into the task and the results were pretty great! Here’s what you’ll …

Summer festival nails part 3

VLog: Summer Festival Nails Part 3 – Floral Swirl

Hey guys,For the last part of my summer festival nails series here’s how to recreate these floral swirl nails 0 technical skills needed. Here’s what you’ll need: Sally Beauty Proclaim Hair Extension Glue – $1.99Nude Peach: Zoya TessaPurple: Zoya RieJelly StamperGlitter Topper: Zoya DallasSilicone Nail Art Mat I have found the best product to protect …

Summer festival nails Part 2

VLog: Summer Festival Nails Part 2 – Marble Swirl

Hey guys,Here’s part 2 of my summer festival nails series. Showing you how to create a cool marble nail look in seconds with 0 technical skills. In part 1 i showed you how to create a dry brush effect using multiple shades from Zoya’s Barefoot Summer 2019 Collection. Using shades from the same collection i …

Summer Festival Nail Art

VLog: Summer Festival Nails

Hey guys, Today’s tutorial features 3 shades from Zoya’s new Barefoot Summer Collection. Creating really cool summer festival nails! This is a 2-part tutorial. In part 1 of this tutorial you will see how to recreate the dry brush sparkle nails shown on my index and pointer fingers. In part 2 of the tutorial I …

Spring Nail Art


Wanna look like a pro nail artist but have 0 artistic coordination? The secret to getting flawless patterned nails… WATER NAIL DECALS! It’s so simple…  1. Cut out your pattern 2. Soak in water 3. Slide off & apply to your nails 4. Seal it in w/ a clear top coat Shopping Links Below: Link …

Essie French with Sparkles

VLOG: Essie Glitter French Manicure

Short nails can have french manicures too! Using shades from the new Essie Memories Collection and a glitter tip you can create a flawless french manicure in minutes! And if you’re looking to grow out your nails… i highly recommend using Garlic Pearls. Breaking a garlic pearl and spreading the oil over your cuticles and …