Azature Midnight In Paris

Azature the brand known for creating the most Expensive Nail Polish in the world , made with Real Black Diamonds, recently released 6 new shades in their new collection called “Midnight In Paris” for Winter 2015.  The collection as a whole is opaque after the first coat, a major plus!!  Excluding Azature Glacier which is made for layering over lacquers.

Azature nail lacquer can be purchased online between $18- $25/ bottle at the following locations:,, and
(So far i’ve only found this new collection of colors available on and
When purchased directly from they’re offering Free Shipping on purchases $50 or more.
Plus many of their polishes have been discounted from $25/bottle to $18/bottle!  Score!!

Take a look below at close up swatches of each color and my personal reviews.

Azature Midnight In Paris

Azature Glacier-Bottle

First is Azature Glacier described as a translucent jelly nail polish w/ iridescent confetti threads and glitter specs.  The confetti looks like little iridescent hairs amongst mini round glitter flecks.  Glacier is quite thick and personally I prefer to layer this over a darker color to get the full effect of the glitter flecks.
My only gripe with Azature Glacier is that it’s so uber thick due to the condensed confetti flecks.  One swipe is all you’ll need.  Two may make your manicure thick and chunky.

Design Tips:
Over a dark polish, paint a center stripe down each nail with Azature Glacier.
Glide Azature Glacier over the tips of each nail

Azature Glacier

I described Azature Pearl as an opaque shimmery opal white.
First off I absolutely LOVE this shade because it’s opaque after the first coat.  No need to worry about streaks or unevenness.  Azature has a great formula to his polishes that leave a flawless appearance.
The photo shown below is without a clear top coat.. and look how shimmery it is!

Azature Pearl

Here’s a close up of Azature Glacier over Azature Pearl.  A subtle glitter effect.  Eghh… not in love with it… but for those of you going to a winter white party or Frozen themed event this could be the perfect manicure!

Azature Glacier over Pearl

Azature Boudior – Midnight black w/ a subtle touch of shimmery multi color twinkles.
I like Boudior because of it’s added hint of sparkle.  In contrast to the appearance of the bottle you might think it’s a really glittery deep purple polish but this isn’t the case.  Boudior is a midnight black but it’s subtle sparkle is what sets it apart.  A nice element adding some pizazz to your average jet black nail polish.

Gripes:  Boudior’s brush is a bit thicker than what I’ve seen in the past.  I wish the polish brush was more narrow.  I find having a narrow brush makes it easier to apply darker colors to shorter nails.  Also the consistency is a bit thick making it a bit challenging for a novice painters.  (From my experience: A polish with a thinner consistency tends to spread easier)


Here’s a shot of Azature Glacier allover Azature Boudior.  A festive manicure for a girls night out!

Azature Glacier-Over-Boudior




Azature Alloy – Shimmery metallic platinum gold.
Alloy is another one of my favorites!!!  Super opaque and the shade is warm appealing to pretty much all skin tones.  I actually wore this with half the nail covered in Boudior and got so many compliments!
Alloy is a must have for your nail polish collection.
This is a shot with only 1 coat and no top coat!

Azature Alloy

Here’s a close up of Azature Glacier over Azature Alloy.  A subtle confetti look to platinum gold nails.

Azature Glacier-over-Alloy

Azature Burlesque – Creamy opaque plum wine.
Another one of my fav’s from this collection.  Burlesque is the only cream nail polish in the collection.  I love the consistency of the polish.  Applies smooth and evenly.  No gripes what-so-ever!


Here’s a closer look at Glacier on the tips.  This pic doesn’t have a top coat but if you add a top coat your tips will shimmer flawlessly!

Azature Glacier-Tips-over-Burlesque

Azature Santorini – Shimmery metallic emerald green.
Lastly we have a gorgeous deep metallic emerald nail polish which is also opaque after the first stroke.
Santorini is really easy to apply and has tremendous shine!
I added a few extra’s below with Pearl over my tips and then Glacier all over.

I recently saw a fantastic pic with Azature Glacier striped in the center of each nail and it looked phenomenal.

Azature Santorini





Well i hope you enjoyed the post.
If I had to rate my top 5 it would go like this…

  1. Azature Alloy
  2. Azature Burlesque
  3. Azature Boudior
  4. Azature Santorini
  5. Azature Pearl — Cant wait to try this with tan skin in the summer!
  6. Azature Glacier

Stay tuned for more fun nail art tutorials and nail polish reviews!
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