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Not nails related but i wanted to share with you some pretty cool ways to earn some extra cash on unused things lying around your house! Who doesn’t love a little extra money… especially now that the holidays are just around the corner?!

There’s a lot of different ways to re-sell unused items. Consignment Stores, Craigslist, Ebay and then thrift store apps. I’ve found the best success selling some of my old gently worn clothes and accessories not via consignment or Craigslist or Ebay but on an app called Poshmark!

Here’s the deal with Poshmark.

You can sell Fashion, Boutique, Unused Makeup & Home Goods >> Items can be the following: NEW WITH TAGS (NWT), Boutique New Items or Gently Used Item. Poshmark does have some stipulations regarding items for sale and those regulations are listed on their website and within their app.

My favorite part of Poshmark is that they take care of the shipping and provide you an email once an item sells with an attached shipping label .pdf format. All you have to do is print the shipping label, box your item 10lbs or less in a Free Priority USPS Box or envelope and drop it in the mailbox.

Everything ships USPS Priority 2-Day or 3-Day Mail for a flat fee that the buyer pays at $6.79. *Note… if you sell something that is over 10lbs you will have to absorb the overage shipping charges.

Now here’s the caveat…. Generally speaking the buyer is always looking for a deal. If someone “likes” an item you’ve listed in your Poshmark Closet… it’s best for you “the seller” you, to offer them a deal. Poshmark allows you the “seller” to offer “Likers” 10% OFF, 20% OFF or 30% OFF the listed item in addition a mandatory shipping discount of either -$1.80 off or Free Shipping. Whichever discount you choose, *Please note…. all discounts come off the top of the cost of the item in addition to the 20% Poshmark Fee. Now you might be saying to yourself… wow 20% listing fee and discounts off seems like a lot! How are you making any money?

Generally offering the discounts will ultimately “seal the deal” and your item(s) will be sold! As annoying as it may seem… offering discounts, upon extra discounts, sometimes that’s what needs to happen in order to unload your product.
Be patient, your total sales will begin to rack up and it will prove to be worth it in the long run.

I’ve found Poshmark to be most successful in selling jewelry, clothes and Color Street Nail Strips best. I have some “Home” Items listed but I have not seen much traction on those.

There are other incentives that Poshmark offers if you become a “Poshmark Ambassador” such as earning credits to use towards the purchase of goods from the regular market or their “wholesale market”. The advantage of buying wholesale is >>> re-selling those items. Which if planned correctly will cost you nothing and end up being 100% earnings in your pocket! GENIUS!!!!

Oh… i forgot… The most important thing. How you get paid?
Well, Poshmark makes it very simple. All merchandise is tracked and the buyer is notified upon delivery of their item and reminded to rate the purchase. Provided the item is “as described” your buyer will rate you. Upon receiving a rating your funds are released and eligible for direct deposit into your bank account or an issued check can be requested.
Say your buyer is on vacation or forgets to rate your item…. Well upon receipt of the purchase the buyer has 72 hours to rate the product. After that your funds are automatically released by Poshmark and eligible for deposit. So, either way…. you get paid!

I’ve been an active Poshmark Seller since the end of August 2019 and have earned $730 in a little less than 3 months time. Averaging around $250/month. Not bad for just starting out.

Check out Poshmark and download the app!
Use my INVITE CODE: THETRENDYNAIL for $10 off your first Poshmark Purchase!

Compression High Waist No-Show Leggings

Poshmark Positives:
1. You can list quantities of multiple items in one SKU.
2. SIMPLE & EASY SHIPPING: Priority Shipping – FREE USPS Boxes (no need to hunt or save old amazon boxes to ship out your goods)
3. Poshmark Amabassador Program: Earn Posh Credits towards your choice of purchases from anywhere… I suggest the Wholesale Market to Re-Sell — 100% Earnings in your pocket
4. Unlimited Share Items from your closet & other Poshers to keep your listings relevant.

Poshmark Negatives:
1. 20% Poshmark Listing Fee

In my opinion… the positives outweigh the negatives and I would highly recommend Poshmark to anyone who is interested in selling their unused clothes, jewelry & home accent items.

Tie Dye Compression High Waist "No Show" Leggings

Another app i’ve used is called Mercari. Also a thrifting site like Poshmark, Mercari takes a 10% fee for sold items and allows you to offer Free shipping off the bat. Now of course if you offer free shipping this cost will automatically come out of your earnings, so sellers be weary of how you list.

Camo High Waist Compression No Show Leggings

I haven’t sold much on Mercari. I’ve found the most success of my sales have derived from items listed with Free Shipping. Still unsure about this app but when i list something on Poshmark i make sure I list the same item on Mercari.

Mineral Wash Compression Sports Bra with Removable Pads

One negative about Mercari is, you are not able to list quantities of items. For example, say you’re selling 6 pairs of leggings and you have 3 – small and 3- large. You have to list both sizes and when they sell you have to re-list those same items again until you are out of inventory.

They follow the same 72 hour pay release rule as does Poshmark. They also offer options for shipping. You’ll find more of a variety of things on Mercari, ranging from electronics to fashion. New items and also used items. The Mercari app is strict regarding promoting items and regulates the amount of promotions on an item within a 24hour period.
Getting your items noticed has been the biggest challenge for me. I’m still trying to figure out the key to this.

Purple Gradient Sports Bra w/ Removable Pads

Mercari Positives:
1. 10% Fee for sold items
2. Option to select shipping carriers. Fed Ex or USPS

Mercari Negatives:
1. You can’t list quantities for items.
2. Seller is responsible for providing your own boxes. USPS ships First Class Only. (No Priority Boxes Allowed.)
3. No sharing, so getting your items noticed takes some finesse.

I would recommend Mercari if you have larger items to ship or simultaneously list on both Poshmark and Mercari and see which gains the best traction. It doesn’t cost a dime to list on either site.

All and all I would highly recommend e-commerce thrifting! It’s very popular and why not… Feels great to find items that may have been sold out in a store and scoring it on a re-sell site for a deal! Plus earn extra cash on items that you most likely would either give away, throw out or donate?
People will buy just about anything! So give it a shot…. what might seem like a throw-a-way item to you, might be a treasure to someone else!

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