Sprinkle Nails

Sprinkle Nails

Hi Nail Enthusiasts! I’ve been thinking about creating a cute design on my nails but using things around my house rather than expensive tools bought at Sephora or Sally’s.. etc.. I came up with this cute design using tape, a toothpick, scallop edged scissors & my nail polish. 🙂 Let me know what you think! …

Sprinkle Nails

Sprinkle Nails!

Here’s a sneak peek at my latest nail design. Tutorial & Steps to follow. Stay Tuned!

OPI Nail Collection Oz The Great and Powerful

Oz The Great and Powerful – New Limited-Edition Nail Collection by OPI.

Diamond Nails

All That Glitter Is Gold

D I Y Can’t find the color you want…. Do It Yourself! Make Your Own Super Sparkly Polish Things you need: 1/2 bottle of clear base coat (thin-medium consistency.  When you add the glitter it thickens up the polish) Paper Funnel Glitter (the finer the glitter the smoother the texture) *Optional – Nail Lacquer Thinner …

The WOW Factor – Nail Art & Marble Nails

Marble Nails! I love that feeling when I discover something so exciting that it makes me say “WOW, That’s Awesome!” It’s that “Wow Factor” which motivates me to forge ahead and continue to create and recreate that “Next Best Thing.” The discovery of something new, the ultimate surprise when something unexpected arise. It’s that pleasant …

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Diamond Nails

Shining Bright Like Diamonds

Diamond Glitter… A DIY Polish Experiment I finally did it! I’ve been searching for a polish that looks ultra glittery almost like diamonds.  So i searched and searched and was unsuccessful finding that perfect polish.  I found myself in Michaels arts & crafts store this afternoon and was surprised by my discoveries. As I was milling around …

Extravagance w/ black tips

Pretty In Purple With A Twist

Hey Nail Enthusiasts! TGIF!! OPI – DS Extravagance w/ Black Tips Here’s my twist on a french. I had a chip in a of my nails so I figured… Perfect time to do a quick french and see how it looks.  As i anticipated this polish looks great with black tips. I used a super …