As my obsession of nails has grown, so has my collection of polishes.   Over the past month I have acquired at least 30 new lacquers & they’ve outgrown their home!  I started off using the bottom drawer of a 4 drawer lucite cosmetic storage cube which I thought would be sufficient.  Until I decided that I wanted to turn this hobby into a career.  What once was a 30 bottle collection has turned into a 130 bottle collection & this is only the beginning!  I haven’t even begun tapping into the gel arena!!

Moving Time…
In the process of relocating my polishes to their temporary home.

PS… if you’re looking for a cool acrylic shelf system the one I bought is shown below.

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Acrylic Cube Makeup Organizer

Cosmetic Storage Cube

The original home where my polishes used to reside.

Moving time… in the process of relocating my lacquers to their temporary new home.

My pretty polishes have now taken residence in my 7 drawer chest & that’s not even the entire collection!
I need to find a permanent solution FAST!
nail polish storage

So, now I’m plagued with figuring out how to actually store this collection without breaking the bank.

At first I was set on the idea of having a shelving system mounted on my wall in my bathroom.  A perfect place to see all of my polishes and readily access them at any given moment.  BUT… then I thought, what do I do when I want to travel with my polishes to potential clients homes?  That would be a big pain to have to constantly take out and put back polishes.

Then I thought… wouldn’t it be great if I could have each row of polishes on my wall in some sort of portable container that can sit on a shelf and then if I need to take them somewhere I can just grab a row and go?!

In case you’re finding yourself in a similar situation I thought I would share some clever ideas i stumbled upon in my search for the Perfect Nail Polish Storage Solution.  Let me in on your thoughts!

First we have this adorable idea by Organize-It

Crystal Clear Stackable Storage Drawer

This is such a great concept.Super affordable and seems to store a lot of polishes… I love the fact that it’s clear, so you can see your polishes…

Crystal Clar Stackable Storage

Second we have a lucite wall rack.  This holds up to 96 polishes.  Great price for a wall rack @ $30.97 but not good for travel purposes.

Nail Polish Acrylic Shelves
I also found a few travel cosmetic cases on

Pink storage case

Cosmetic Storage

I really like this one shown below from IKEA called Helmer.  It’s on casters so, it’s easy to move.

Helmer Storage Drawers


And then there’s always those DIY- ideas on how to make your own nail polish rack.  I would just be careful when making your own that it’s made out of wood  or at least something sturdy…. Here’s a great looking one from Product Hag

Well…I hope these ideas have helped you figure out a few new ways to store your favorite polishes!

Keep me posted if you find any new storage solutions that might help me on my quest to find the Perfect Nail Polish Storage Solution!! 🙂