Hey guys & gals,
It’s been a while now where i’ve had my nail polish stored in various places. Not much rhyme or reason to how they were stored. I had drawers of nail polish separated by manufacturer but even that was becoming a mess. Things were just getting way out of hand and i decided it was time to re-organize everything!
I started by emptying all my drawers and shelves, making piles separated by color.
I started with my blues and greens and put them on the shelves but didn’t like the way the nail polish looked all mixed up with different manufacturers such as Zoya, Essie, KBShimmer all jumbled up together.
I decided to go further and separate each color by manufacturer. This was starting to look way better!

Then i began the separation on the shelves… here’s what i came up with…


Since separating my nail polish by brand and by color i have found it so much easier to walk into my bathroom and pick out a shade. Plus it looks so amazing!
Of course this isn’t the finished product. I still have a ton of nail polish that has yet to make it on the walls because i ran out of shelf space! Home Depot no longer carries this exact shelf in 36″ in white anymore, but i was able to figure out the manufacturer which is Woodland

Luckily I found out that Walmart.com sells them through Hayneedle.com for $20.58, so i plan on ordering the remaining 3 shelves to finish off my walls.
Right now i can fit 1- 36″ shelf on the far left and 2-3 – 36″ shelves on the bottom middle row.

Anywhoo… if you’re looking to mount your nail polish collections on the wall here’s the links to what i would suggest.

Woodland Products White Picture Ledge, 3.5 x 36 x 3.5-Inches

$20.58 Hayneedle.com
Exact model as the one that has been discontinued by homedepot.com shown below and in my photos above.

36 in. Photo Ledge

HomeDepot.com – $20.98
Model # HDCVL36E
Espresso Only – 36″
Pro: Invisible mounting
Con: Only available in Espresso in 36″

24 in. Photo Ledge

HomeDepot.com – $17.98
Model # HDCVL24W
White Only – 24″
Pro: Invisible mounting
Con: Only available in White in 24″

Photo Ledge 31.5 in. W x 3.5625 in. D White Decorative Ledge Shelf

HomeDepot.com – $17.98
Model # 1130430
White Only – 31.5″
Pro: Deep shelf, can fit 2 rows of nail polish. Easy to mount.
Con: Hardware shows

Welland Picture Ledge Dimension



Length: 45 ¼ ”
Depth: 4 3/4 “
Max. load: 16.53 lb

Also Available in 21 3/4″

Black, White, Natural & Clear

MELLÖSAPicture ledge, clear

Length: 23 5/8 “
Depth: 4 1/8 “
Max. load: 11.02 lb

Hope this has helped any of you looking for wall storage for your nail polish collections! Stay tuned for the final results!

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