Sterilite Storage Solution

Hey Guys!
While it’s been a bit of time since my last nail art post… I’m happy to announce that here in CT. life is starting to get back to normal!  With that being said.. i am also going through some changes.  Residence changes that is. 🙂 Once things become finalized i will be able to report in more detail, but as of right now lets just say i’ve begun my packing & moving will be in my near future!

With moving comes packing and with packing comes lots and lots of thoughts…. One of my thoughts with packing has been, “what will be the best and most cost effective way to store all of my nail polish & tools?”
My plan was to stop into Target, Big Lots, Walmart, Michaels and every other local craft store to scope out my options.

My first stop was Hobby Lobby.  Not thinking I would find anything on my first visit i was pleasantly surprised!

I scored this 2 tier Stack & Carry case from Sterilite for $9.99!  Unfortunately they only had 1, but i figured… let me try it out and see how it works.  To my surprise it was perfect!  I was able to fit between 82-92 bottles of nail polish perfectly!
Each tier unsnaps on the sides and there’s a nice handle at the top for easy handling.

The best part is that they’re stackable!  Plus the cover fits both tiers for easy traveling if you only want to travel with 1 of the tiers.

Here’s a few more views

This is 3 cases stacked.  A total of 6 tiers filled with lots and lots of nail polish!Sterilite Storage Solution Sterilite Storage Solution

This view shows the 2 tiers separated.  The lid is interchangeable.  You can travel with one storage box and leave the other uncovered at home.  Sterilite Storage Solution Sterilite Storage Solution

I absolutely love these containers.  My end goal is to buy a rolling tote that stores them all.
These containers are perfect for all sorts of crafts, beauty products or in this case my nail polish!  I have 2 more on order so I can store my nail polish tools and other accessories.
In the meantime… stay tuned… and as always I’ll keep you guys posted if i run into any other great storage solutions for moving etc.!