Matte vs. Shiny Lacquers

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Matte polishes have been trending this season.  They give a great look to your normally shiny polish.  It’s like having 2 polishes for the price of one!
So… as I was recently milling around for a matte top coat without breaking the bank.  I was having the hardest time locating something in a local store.  I could have ordered something online but of course my impulsive nature prevented that from happening because I wanted it NOW!  I almost attempted to make my own by adding cornstarch to one of my dry fast top coats.  (As seen on a pinterest)
Then I realized… There must be an easier way.

Voila!  I found it!

NYC – Matte me Crazy
Matte Top Coat – Under $2 @ Walmart

First I painted my nail with 2 coats of Essie’s Masquerade Belle.  It’s a deep rich red.  Waited for that to dry & then applied 1 coat of NYC Matte Top Coat.  Voila… my once shiny red had turned matte… and for under $2!  A total bargain!

Matte Me Crazy by NYC

Matte Me Crazy by NYC

#737 Masquerade Belle – Essie

#737 Masquerade Belle – Essie

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  1. Must Have Boxes says:

    I love matte finish for nail polish. Looks so chic!

    – KW

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