ICB Pre Fall 2015

Wow… it feels like it’s been an eternity since my last fashion inspired nail art tutorial!
Well taking a mini hiatus I’m back at it again.  Today’s nail art was inspired by the latest Pre-Fall Collection by ICB for 2015.

Taking a very loose interpretation of ICB’s pre-fall collection here’s what you’ll need to get these trendy nails!

The Tools

White Nail Polish: Azature Faint White
Grey Nail Polish: Azature Light Gray
Deep Burgundy Nail Polish: Azature Burlesque
Black Nail Polish: Willa by Zoya
Dry Fast Top Coat:  Good To Go – Essie
*optional Matte Nail Polish: OPI Matte Top Coat
Piece of paper towel
Nail Art Striping Brush

The Zoya and Azature nail polish listed can be purchased either thru the links provided or at zoya.com, shop.azature.com or at amazon.com.
Step 1: Start off with solid white nails.
Step 2: Using a thin striping brush & your burgundy nail polish, paint a diagonal line along the base of each nail and fill in with your burgundy nail polish.Step 3: Paint the corner of a paper towel with your black nail polish and daub around the white area of each nail.
Step 4: Using your striping brush and your gray nail polish add a few random horizontal and vertical lines on each nail.
Step 5:  Lastly seal in your design with 1 coat of your favorite dry fast top coat.
For a matte finish add 1 coat of Matte Nail Polish over each nail.

*Tip: I like to add my clear top coat first and then the matte nail polish when i do nail art.  Although it’s an extra step, i’ve noticed when i add the matte over directly over the nail art it tends to smudge the polish.
Therefore adding the clear top coat first will seal in the design and prevent smudging or colors running into each other.

ICB Pre-Fall Nail Art Steps

A simple and easy way to deck out those trendy nails!

Stay tuned for more nail art and nail polish reviews next week!

(Photo credits:  ICB Pre-Fall 2015- Style.com // Nails by Holly for The Trendy Nail)
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