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Hey there nailfies!
While it may seem like summer’s coming to a close it’s not too late to try some more fun neon nail art designs!  This look is perfect for all you “Back to Schoolers” & really simple to do!

Here’s what you’ll need to create these neon striped nails!

The Tools
Essie Neon 2016 Collection  – $9/ each.


Step 1: After applying your clear base coat, Apply 1 coat of Essie Prime & Pop White Base to all your nails.
* Tip:  Sometimes white nail lacquers tend to streak, so to prevent this apply a matte base coat to your nails first.


Step 2: Apply a diagonal line using Essie – Stencil Me In to the corners of each nail.
* Tip:  Depending on the length of your nails, creating a straight line can be tricky.  Try using a thin striping brush for your outline first and fill it in with the color.


Step 3: Repeat step 2 with Mark On Miami and leave a space between both colors.


Step 4: Using a dotting tool apply a few small dots in a diagonal line between the lime & the orange stripes using Essie – The Fuchsia Of Art.Step4

Step 5: Using your thin striping brush paint a thin diagonal blue line next to the orange with Essie – In It To Wyn It.

Step 6: Using the thin nail art striping brush and Essie Gallery Gal paint a few irregular short strokes at the empty corner of each nail.

Final Step – Seal & Go: Seal in your design with one coat of your favorite shiny dry fast top coat & Voilla!  *For a matte finish, leave out the top coat.Step5



(photo credits: Holly – The Trendy Nail)
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