Pure Ice recently released it’s glitter holiday collection called “Bling on the Holidays!”

6 fun glitter nail polishes.. Stay tuned for my full review of the entire collection on Monday.
Loving the silver polish with white hex bits I really wanted to create a dark sort of “snow-like” manicure & here’s what I came up with!

All you’ll need to get these trendy nails are  “Pure Icicles” by Pure Ice layered over my favorite almost black polish from Zoya called Willa from their newest collection “Wishes”

Pure Ice nail polish can be purchased at your local Walmart store for $1.98/ bottle!


Step 1: After applying a clear base coat to your nails.  Apply 1 coat of Willa by Zoya to each nail.

Step-1 Willa by Zoya

Step 2:  Leaving some black showing at the base & sides of each nail paint 1 layer of Pure Icicles over the center of each nail.

Step-2 Pure Icicles by Pure Ice

Step 3: Using the same technique as step 2.  Paint 1 layer of Willa by Zoya in the center of each nail leaving the silver showing at the base and sides of each nail.

Step-3 Willa layered over Pure Icicles

Step 4: Repeat step 3 with Pure Icicles by Pure Ice over the black.

Finish up by sealing in your design with 1 coat of your favorite dry fast top coat & Voilla!

Step-4 Pure Icicles over Willa



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