Zoya Wishes collection offers unlimited possibilities and as you’ll see in this gradient nail art tutorial.

The best part about the Wishes collection is how all the colors blend so nicely.  Especially the Pixie Dust shades!

The Tools:

PRIM – Zoya Wishes Collection
NORI Pixie Dust – Zoya Wishes Collection
THEA Pixie Dust – Zoya Wishes Collection
Silver Nail Art Tape
Seche Vite
Small nail art brush

*Optional 2nd look… see below
WILLA  Zoya Wishes Collection

  • In this tutorial I started off with 1 coat of Prim over all of my nails
  • Next I used Nori Pixie Dust and painted a diagonal line over the top half of each nail and filled it in with Nori Pixie Dust
  • Apply a strip of silver nail art tape over each diagonal line
  • Create a gradient tip — *Optional-  I wanted to create a cool gradient effect at the tips of each nail so I lightly blended Thea at the tips of each nail while the Nori was still wet.
    Tip: To create the gradient dip a little of each color Nori & Thea on a piece of plastic wrap and slightly blend the two colors & with a small nail art brush blend it to the tips of each nail.
  • Finish with 1 coat of Seche Vite over each nail



With endless amount of color choices I didn’t stop there!  I added a layer of Willa over Prim for a deeper look!… Not recommended ’cause it makes it messy and I had to add another layer of silver striping tape of the existing, but as an after thought, I think it turned out great!
I was happy with both variations but enjoyed wearing the darker one below more.

Which is your favorite?  The pastel purple nails above or the deep disco nails below?

Zoya Willa-Nail-Art


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