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Gel Polish Nail Art

This piece from Reem Acra’s Fall 2014 Collection inspired me to try something a little different this Thursday.   I decided to use gel polish and a gold glitter pigment additives to get these trendy nails.
Naturally this would be a very simple design to create using natural nail lacquer… just a few simple wavy lines and you’re done.  But I wanted to see what it would be like to use pigment with gel polish and overall I was quite pleased with the end result!

Take a look below… I broke down the steps for both gel polish and natural nail polish.

The Tools

Gel Polish Method:
(The gel polish I used cures with an LED lamp.  Cure Time between 30-60 seconds — I used Gelish & Gel II for my gel polish)

  • PH Bond
  • Clear Base Gel Polish – Gelish Fortifying Clear Base Coat
  • White Gel Polish – Gelish
  • Black Gel Polish – Gel II
  • High Gloss Top Coat – Gel II High Shine
  • Striping Brush
  • Gold Additive – Young Nails
  • LED Curing Lamp


Natural Nail Polish Method:

Gel Polish – Step 1: 
After you prep the nail and apply your ph bond.  (Depending on the gel system & prep method.)  Apply 1 coat of clear base and cure.  Next Apply a coat of white gel polish to 3/4’s of the nail shaping the base of the nail with a half moon at the bottom.

Cure for 30-60 sec. using LED light.

Natural Nail Polish –
Apply a clear base coat and then 1 coat of white nail polish to 3/4 of your nail.

(Tip: Watch this video by iladybeauty on YouTube by using a round reinforcement at the base of your nail)



Gel Polish – Step 2: 
Using a gold additive brush the gold powder all over your nails.  Next using your striping brush and clear gel polish paint a few thin wavy lines down your nails.  (Be sure not to get the clear gel near the base of your nail.  You want this part to be clear and free from nail art)

Cure for 30-60 sec. using LED light.

Natural Nail Polish Users will skip this step.


Gel Polish – Step 3: 
After your clear polish is cured wipe away the gold with a lint free wipe dipped in rubbing alcohol.
Next using your black gel polish and a striping brush paint a thin line at the base of the white and a few vertical wavy lines.

Cure for 30-60 sec. using LED light.

Natural Nail Polish –
Using a black nail art pen paint a thin line at the base of the white polish and paint a few wavy vertical lines down your nails.

Step 2 - Reem Acra


Gel Polish – Final Step: 
Apply 1 coat of your favorite high gloss shine top coat and cure for 30-60 sec. using LED light.

Natural Nail Polish –
Finally add one coat of your favorite dry fast top coat to seal in your nail art & you’re good to go!


(Photo Credits: Reem Acra Fall 2014 Runway- Style.com // Nails by Holly for The Trendy Nail)
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