NAILS REVEALED: Essie Summer 2014 Collection

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Essie Summer


Featuring 6 new shades for summer!

Essie Summer 2014 collection

Swatches & Reviews

Urban Jungle

Brand:  Essie
Collection: Summer 2014

I reviewed this color in an early post but bottom line is it was difficult to get an opaque finish.  It took 3 coats to get a creamy finish.

Here’s a clip of my review: (for the whole review click here)

Next off… I was a little taken back by the color.  It isn’t a cool creamy white as it appears in the bottle.  It has a pink undertone.  The shade isn’t bad, but it’s just a little misleading.  I was hoping for a creamy white and it’s just not that.  It has a dusty look which I don’t mind, but I was hoping for something a bit brighter.

Overall… it’s not that bad… just wished it had more pigment and wasn’t so streaky.  A nice pedi color for tanned skin.   If you’re pale i’d say stay away..


Ruffles & Feathers

Brand:  Essie
Collection: Summer 2014

The Trendy Nail Fav!

I absolutely adore Ruffles & Feathers.  It’s an emerald green with high levels of pigment which is why it only requires between 1 – 2 coats of polish for a flawless finish.  A gorgeous creamy base with no sparkles or shimmer.  No streaks or flaws even after the first coat which is a major PLUS in my book!
Overall a perfect summer color for all skin tones… especially fair skin & 100% must try this season!

Ruffles AND Feathers -ESSIE

Fierce No Fear

Brand:  Essie
Collection: Summer 2014

If you’re more of a neutral shade kind of girl, then Fierce No Fear is a great summer Go-2 brown.  Another high pigment color from the collection that only requires between 1 – 2 coats of polish for a flawless finish.  That’s always a plus especially when you’re in a rush and don’t have time to deal with fixing up streaky polish!  It’s a creamy brown with no shimmer or sparkle.  A nice all around color to have in your nail polish arsenal.

Fierce No Fear-ESSIE

Strut Your Stuff

Brand:  Essie
Collection: Summer 2014

The Trendy Nail Fav!

If you’re more into the bright shades for summer then Strut Your Stuff is my #1 top pick for a gorgeous pool blue.  Also a creamy solid without any shimmer or sparkle.  A nice color to wear with a glossy top coat or for a matte look try Essie’s Matte About You matte top coat.  Another highly pigmented shade from the collection that only requires 1 – 2 coats for a flawless finish.

Strut Your Stuff - ESSIE

Haute In The Heat

Brand:  Essie
Collection: Summer 2014

The Trendy Nail Fav!

Hot pink lovers this is your color for Summer 2014!  High in pigment this color requires only 1 – 2 coats of polish for a flawless out the door finish!  A cream base without shimmer or sparkle.  A perfect mani/pedi color for all skin tones.   This should be your next pedi color!

Loving Haute in the Heat!

Haute In The Heat- ESSIE


Brand:  Essie
Collection: Summer 2014

For all you risk takers out there, Roarrrange is your color for Summer 2014!  I was on the fence with this color but then I used a matte top coat to mute the brightness and loved it.  It’s a creamy base but on the first coat it appears sheer, then by the 2nd coat I was able to achieve a nice pigmented, even finish.   It has a terra cotta, yellowish tone to it… so if you’re pale you might not like it.  But, like i said earlier.. with a matte top coat it’s definitely a favorite of mine.  I guess you can say it grows on you.

In the picture below I have a shiny top coat.  But take a look at my latest nail art design using Roarrrange as a base with a matte top coat and you’ll see the difference.

Roarrrange - ESSIE

Overall i’d have to rate the colors in this order….

#1 – Haute in the Heat – hot pink
#2 – Ruffles & Feathers – emerald green
#3 – Strut Your Stuff – pool blue

#4- Fierce No Fear – brown
#5 – Roarrrange – orange (great with a matte top coat – try Matte About You – Essie)

#6 – Urban Jungle (just ’cause it’s so streaky) – pinkish off white

All products can be purchased for $8.50/ bottle on or using the links I provided above.

(Photo Credits: Nails by Holly for The Trendy Nail)
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  1. I have to say, your top 3 are also my favorites! Beautiful swatches!!!

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