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Diamond Nails

Diamond Glitter… A DIY Polish Experiment

Diamond Nails

A DIY Make My Own Nail Polish Experiment

I finally did it!

I’ve been searching for a polish that looks ultra glittery almost like diamonds.  So i searched and searched and was unsuccessful finding that perfect polish.  I found myself in Michaels arts & crafts store this afternoon and was surprised by my discoveries.

As I was milling around I saw this container of glitter by Martha Stewart Crafts called Smoky Quartz & I was like That’s It! That’s the color that I want!
But, of course it’s a glitter and not a polish.  So I decided to pick it up and see if I could just make my own polish.  What the hey… i mean if it doesn’t work out I’m only out a few dollars.

Martha Stewart Smoky Quartz

Martha Stewart Smoky Quartz

I had a clear base coat that I was about to toss so instead i used it to mix my custom lacquer.
It turned out great.  It was very easy to paint on and it wasn’t thick or textural as most glitter lacquers are.  I was very pleased with my little experiment.  Although I’m no chemist, only time will tell how the glitter lasts mixed with the clear polish.  Regardless,  it was well worth the effort and the little time it took to funnel the powdery glitter into the polish bottle.  I can’t wait to rock these nails at the Rihanna Diamonds Concert in March!
I made a little how-to video and if I can figure out how to edit it, I’ll post it….

Happy Painting All!

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