About Me

Beauty, Fashion, Fitness & Nails

No one likes to wear clothes with  rips and tears or something with a messy stain,  Right?…  Well the same premise applies to your nails.  Cover up those girls!  That’s where I came up with “Dressing Your Naked Nails.”

It’s time to show off those beautiful, tips!!

A little bit about me…. Nail art has always been a passionate hobby of mine.  Ever since I can remember I have been dabbling with nail lacquers & nail art.  Covering up those little stumpy, once bitten down, almost to the cuticle nails has always been a challenge.

The only thing that I noticed would help those little nubs grow was polish, polish and more polish.  Keeping my tips dressed seemed to prevent me from biting.  I’ve always been a Do-It-Yourself kind of girl… only until my nails started growing would I go to the manicurist down the street and say… “I know it’s not much to work with, but they just need to be cleaned up.”  The tech would always smile and say… “don’t worry, we can fix them up.”

Well it worked.. it took until I was about 30 years old but I finally made it to having my first Natural French Manicure… and boy was I excited!

I went to Syracuse University and graduated with a Surface Pattern Degree.  That’s where my design and painting skills came in.  It always helps to have that steady hand when painting any type of small space.

What once was a hobby has now turned into an official “side” business focusing on simple ways to dress your naked nails.  Inspired by textiles, current runway trends & every day life!  It’s been a great creative outlet!  I love sharing my discoveries on how to challenge your creative limits by transforming bare nails into beautiful works of art!

I can’t remember the last time i visited a nail salon, so I rely on my own abilities of self taught knowledge & the occasional drop-in educational manicurist class to keep me informed of the latest styles, techniques & rules of code to keep my nails in Tip, Top, Shape… Dressed to Impress!

… & yes, I still have my full time day job along with powerlifting which has become a major part of my life too!

Hope you enjoy & continue staying up to date with me and The Trendy Nail!