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After the tragic and premature death of Fernan...

After the tragic and premature death of Fernando Seymour (the goldfish), I decided that I should try my luck with something slightly more difficult to kill. My chia dog is doing quite well so far (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy Mani- Monday Everyone!!!

This morning I received an inside tip from the marketing group at Zoya introducing a NEW product called


My first thought was.. that’s kinda strange… Grass on Nails? … but the more I look at the brochure the more I’m weirdly intrigued by the product.

I want to know… What’s your thought about growing a Chia Pet on your nails? Is it overboard or insanely chic?

Inquiring minds want to know.. Weigh in your views…

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APRIL FOOLS!!! Gotcha!!!


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