5 Free Gel Polish that also cures with Natural Sunlight!

I recently discovered this amazing gel polish brand called “Bio Seaweed Gel” from an article on

Canadian based but Made in the USA Bio Seaweed Gel is the only 5-FREE Gel Polish on the market today! The healthier alternative to gel polish.  Not only is it free of the 5 harmful chemicals found in many nail polishes and gel polishes but it also has a special feature where it can cure in natural sunlight!

In addition to having these special properties to cure in natural light it also cures with an LED light in 30 seconds.
There’s no need for a special base coat and the additional bonus…. NO need to wipe the top coat!  Yup!  There’s no sticky residue that needs to be removed at the end of your manicure!

So, I decided to try this stuff out on a friend of mine.. and see if it really works!
Here’s a picture below showing Unity All-In-One Bio Seaweed Gel polish color: Sienna with a few glitter sparkles added at each cuticle for a little shiny effect.

First we tried the Sunlight Curing method… because it was pretty cloudy it didn’t work very well.  So our next step was to cure it with an LED lamp which turned out phenomenally!

Bio Seaweed-Sienna-Sparkle

BSG is proudly Big-5 Free: no formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, BHA or solvents!

Nail Prep

Prepped each nail, by pushing back her cuticles… filed and shaped each nail and lastly lightly buffed the surface of her nails to remove the shine.


  • Apply alcohol to each nail to remove any oil or dust.
  • Applied 1 coat of Sienna over each bare nail.
  • Cured each hand for 30 seconds under an LED lamp
  • Applied the second coat and cured
  • Applied a thin layer of top coat to each nail and then applied my glitter accents along the cuticles using a small nail art striping brush dipped in alcohol. (the alcohol this helps the glitter to stick to the brush)
  • Cure for 30 seconds
  • Final Step:  Apply 1 last clear coat to each nail and cure.


A few questions I asked my girlfriend while I was giving her this manicure & then a week later…

  1. Does it burn under the LED Lamp?  Answer: “No, no burning”

  2. How does it feel on your nails?  Answer: “Light… it doesn’t feel like gel polish.”

  3. A week later…. she showed me her nails… Any chips i asked?  Answer: ‘No, chips.. I love this polish!  It lasts great and looks amazing.”

So of course I was super excited to see the results.  Her nails looked great a week later and the growth was amazing too.  If i wasn’t so picky I would have let her wear it for another week but of course I wanted to try it again and see how it soaked off.

Since, I did not use a base coat, (they do have a clear base coat you can use, but it’s not necessary.)
I was wondering how it would soak off… would it stain her nails?
Well the answer is NO!  No staining and soaked off very easily within 10 minutes of wrapping each nail with a cotton ball dipped in CND Nourishing Remover and tin foil.

There are only 2 other gel polish systems that I found to soak off with ease and that’s Essie Gel Polish and Gel 2.
The difference is that Bio Seaweed Gel Polish was the only gel polish that lasted a full 12-14 days with NO CHIPS.. and would have lasted the entire 2 weeks if I had not removed it to re-do her manicure!

I would highly recommend Bio Seaweed Gel Polish to every salon owner and anyone who is looking to do an at home gel manicure!  You can purchase Unity All-In-One gel polishes on

each bottle is $18 and if you spend $75+ the shipping is FREE!

BSG is proudly Big-5 Free: no formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, BHA or solvents!

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Here’s a link to Bio Seaweed Gel Polish Application Video

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