A CLOSER LOOK: Zoya Wishes Collection Winter / Holiday 2014

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A CLOSER LOOK: Zoya Wishes Collection Winter / Holiday 2014


Here’s a closer look at the colors released by Zoya for the 2014 Winter / Holiday Season.
The collection is comprised of 6 new colors.  3 solid colors and 3 complimenting sparkly textured pixie dust shades.

First off I just need to share that I’m absolutely loving the idea of having a collection comprised of half and half’s… solid colors with a complimenting textured shades to match.  This makes it so easy to jazz up an ordinary solid set of nails by layering a shade of glitter.  Here’s a few design ideas…

Design Ideas: Starting with solid nails try some of the suggestions below.
For a subtle nail design use a complimenting pixie dust shade & top it off with your favorite dry fast top coat. 

  • Whether it’s a simple stripe down the center of each nail using one of the complimenting pixie dust shades.
  • Daub a little of the pixie dust sparkle at the base of each nail for an inverted french design.
  • Half Sparkle/Half Solid: Paint a diagonal line over the top half of each nail with the complimenting pixie dust shade and fill in the rest of the top

The possibilities are endless!

The Wishes Collection can be purchased online at zoya.com, amazon.com or at ulta beauty stores.  The cream shades retail for $9/bottle and the pixie dust shades retail for $10/bottle.

Zoya Wishes Collection

ZP770 – HAVEN: True holiday plum liquid metal with a thin vein of orchid for added brilliance
Sugg. Retail: $9

Haven is a warmer, deep shade of purple with a subtle shimmer.  I really like this color for it’s deep violet hue.
For a flawless finish, apply 2 coats.

Haven by Zoya

ZP767 – THEA: Deep amethyst Magical PixieDust* with an orchid flash, packed full of party-ready holographic hex glitter.
Sugg. Retail: $10

Thea compliments Haven perfectly!  Apply 2 coats and if you want a glossy finish top it off with a clear top coat.. otherwise leave it bare for a glittered, textured effect.

Thea Zoya Pixie Dust

Here’s a closer look of 1 coat of Thea over 1 coat of Haven & topped with 1 coat of Seche Vite.


ZP769 – PRIM: Velvet blue metallic, with a full coverage, high-density pigment and buttery smooth application.
Sugg. Retail: $9

Prim has a vibrant, electric sheen and applies evenly with 2 coats.  Prim casts a cooler shade of purple with a blue tone to it.
Not my favorite color, just because it didn’t compliment my olive skin tone.  But those of you who enjoy wearing cooler shades will love it!

Prim Zoya


ZP766 – NORI: Sapphire blue Magical PixieDust* with holographic hex glitter, perfect for any holiday festivity.
Sugg. Retail: $10

Nori is considered to be the complimenting Pixie Dust shade to Prim.  But again.. i’m a little confused by the heavy blue tone of this complimenting color… Zoya describes Prim as a blue but I see it more as a metallic lilac.

Nori Zoya Pixie Dust

When you apply Nori over Prim you hide the lilac and are left with a glittery metallic blue.
Here’s a closer look at 1 coat of Nori over 1 coat of Prim.  (Shown without a top coat)

Nori over Prim Zoya

Lastly is my favorite out of the collection.  This is called Willa!

ZP771 – WILLA: Full-coverage, onyx black cream
Sugg. Retail: $9

I absolutely love, love, love Willa!  It looks great on all size nails … from uber short to super long!  Plus it’s a great base for some amazing nail art.
Apply 2 coats for a flawless finish.

Willa Zoya

ZP768 – IMOGEN: Black crystal Magical PixieDust* with holographic hex glitter, just add an LBD and you’re off!
Sugg. Retail: $10

Imogen is also my favorite Pixie Dust shade from the Wishes Collection.  Imogen compliments Willa perfectly!  Plus add some silver nail art strips for some added bling… I did a great nail art tutorial using Willa & Imogen.. Check it out!


Here’s 1 coat of Imogen over 1 coat of Willa & topped with a coat of Seche Vite!  A perfect look to match any LBD this holiday season!

Imogen over Willa

& there you have it!  The fabulous 6 released for the 2014 winter/holiday season from Zoya!

Stay tuned for another great nail art tutorial using the Wishes Collection this Thursday!

As always…. thanks so much for stopping by and ps… there’s only 3 days left til I pick 1 winner of the Zoya Fall Pixie Dust Giveaway!  If you haven’t entered to win check it out here!


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