Zoya Nail Polish Irresistible Summer 2013

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Zoya’s Irresistible Foil Metallic Collection for Summer 2013 Zoya_Nail_Polish_Summer2013_Stunning_Irresistable_Launch_MEDIAcor_LR-6

I’m not the biggest fan of metallic polishes but when Zoya sent me this  collection to try I couldn’t resist!  I absolutely ADORE this collection.
Let me start by saying I am NOT getting paid to review these polishes & these are my opinions which are completely unbiased and based on my personal experience.


Someone mentioned to me that they don’t stick… well, my response to that is TOTALLY NOT TRUE!
I have yet to have a bad thing to say about the Zoya brand.  In fact, i wish i could own every single color!  That’s how much I love their polish.
I tried out Tinsley and Hazel and well.. i’ll let the picture do the talking!
The Zoya Irresistible Foil Metallic Collection glides on smooth and evenly!  Need I say more?!
Base Coat: Fill in the Gap – Essie
2 Coats of Tinsely & 2 Coats of Hazel for my accent nail www.zoya.com
Top Coat: Good To Go – Essie

Essie Good To Go! 1/2 Oz. – $7.50

Retail Price: $10.00
You Save: $2.50
from: US Salon Supply LLC




Essie Fill The Gap Ridge Smoothing Base Coat – 0.5 oz – $9.99

from: SleekHair.com









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  2. […] Zoya Nail Polish Irresistible Summer 2013 […]

  3. […] Zoya Nail Polish Irresistible Summer 2013 […]

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