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Here Comes The Bride

Wedding Nails

As “Wedding Season” quickly approaches I’ve noticed that the “rules” with regards to wedding manicures have changed.  What used to be the “mainstay” a traditional french manicure, has many offspring’s.  As nail designs continue to push the envelope, so do peoples tastes.   I wanted to share with you, a few not so traditional but simple “Wedding” appropriate nail looks.  Reminding us that “anything goes” when referring to your wedding day nails!  Don’t be afraid to add a little bling!

#2 Index Finger:
Base: 2 Coats Angel Food by Essie
Tip: Beyond Cozy by Essie

Base: 3 Coats Waltz by Essie
Tip: Material Girl by China Glaze

#4 (Ring Finger) ( watermark)
Base: 3 Coats Waltz by Essie
Tip:  Silver by Art Club

#5 Pinky:
Base: 1 coat of Solitaire Liquid Sand by OPI
Tip: DS Radiance Silver by OPI
Wedding Nails

#2 Index Finger:
Base: 3 Coats Spotlight Pink by OPI
Tip: Champagne by Azature

Base: 1 Coat  Don’t Touch My Tutu by OPI / 1 Coat Waltz by Essie
Tip: DS Radiance Silver by OPI mixed with Silver by Art Club (by mixing the two, adds a little glitter to the shiny silver.. hard to tell in the photo)

#4 (Ring Finger) ( watermark)
Base: 2 Coats Marshmallow by Essie
Tip:  DS Radiance Silver by OPI

#5 Pinky:
Base: 2 coats of Instant Hot by Essie
Tip: Beyond Cozy by Essie

Wedding French with Silver Tips

#1 Thumb:
Base: 2 coats of Glints of Glinda by OPI
Tip: Alpine Snow by OPI
Gradient: Glints of Glinda by OPI / Silver by Art Club
How To Gradient Nails:
Use a cosmetic sponge to create the gradient. Add a stripe of your base color (Glints of Glinda) and add another stripe of your gradient (silver glitter polish).  Gently place the sponge over your nail and press it from one side to the other… gently lift off and you should have a cool ombre effect.

Although this photo doesn’t do the nail justice, I still wanted to show it.

Glitter Gradient Wedding Nail

*All my nail art is shown on my natural nails using natural nail lacquer.
TIP:  Always make sure you apply a base coat and a sticky adhesive clear coat prior to applying your polish.  Try your best to avoid a nail to chip on your wedding day and cap the edge of your nail with the clear polish and the color going on your tip.  Follow up with a quick dry clear coat.  OPI Quick Dry nail drops are another great product to use after applying your top coat just for piece of mind.. 🙂

Here are a few other nail designs I found on a great mobile phone app called Nail Designs

Nail Designs-save-61657cd8

Nail Designs-save-723f9527

Nail Designs-save-16a79a2c

Nail Designs-save-78e0b92b


Thanks for checking out my blog!  And to all those lucky brides to be… CONGRATULATIONS!!!


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