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Wedding Nails

Wedding NailsIt’s 1 week until my girl Cheri gets married… and of course I wanted to do her nails for her special day!

We spent a bunch of time wavering between… natural nails, gels, gel tips or acrylics.  Cheri ran into a few stumbling blocks.. As most women do before their special day… try and grow out your natural nails.   This can go 2 ways… success or failure..

Some of the road blocks… Due to the fact that her nails are weak she incurred some splitting and breakage.  She is very sensitive to Acetone products.. which out ruled Gel tips and Acrylics.  When she arrived on Saturday afternoon her nails were a bit uneven, so sculpting a nail without a tip wasn’t an option at this point either.

Luckily, Cheri takes good care of her nails and her cuticles were in great condition.  I decided to soak her nails in a combination of Castor Oil, Coconut Oil  and Garlic Oil  (the oil from a few garlic pearls) for about 15 minutes.  I figured.. maybe this would help with strengthening her nails.  Then we went to dinner…

A few hours later we returned.  Since her nails are on the shorter side a sponge gradient wasn’t going to work very well.  She wanted a subtle shimmer at the tip of her nail.. but painting on a glitter edge just wasn’t enough and a sponge ombre would cover too much of her nail.


Cheri has what I like to call “Almond” Shape Nails.  Pretty self explanatory.. she has nice wide nail beds and her nails taper into an almond shape.  Since her nails are uneven, the ultimate goal was to give the illusion that all of her nails were the same length.


Fill in the Gap – Essie $10 Ulta Beauty
First Base, Base Coat – Essie  $8 Ulta Beauty
Waltz by Essie $8 Ulta Beauty
Silver Lining – Sally Girl Loose Glitter .99 Sally Beauty Supply
Fan Brush$3 Elf Cosmetics
Fan Brush$6.99 Ulta Beauty
Good To Go – Essie $10 Ulta Beauty

Here’s what I did…

  1. 1 coat of Fill in the Gap by Essie (To even out nails)
  2. 1 coat of First Base, Base Coat by Essie (I wanted to make sure that the polish had something to adhere to prevent streaking)
  3. 2 coats of Waltz by Essie
  4. Shook some glitter into a cap or plate.. dipped the brush into the glitter & lightly brushed loose glitter over the nails starting at the tip using a fan brush.  Silver Lining- Sally Girl Loose Glitter
  5. 1 coat of Good To Go by Essie

Me (left) Cheri (Right)          It’s almost summer and we’re wearing jackets, sweaters & boots… SMH





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