VLog: Summer Festival Nails Part 2 – Marble Swirl

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Summer festival nails Part 2

VLog: Summer Festival Nails Part 2 – Marble Swirl

Summer Swirl Festival Nails Part 2

Hey guys,
Here’s part 2 of my summer festival nails series. Showing you how to create a cool marble nail look in seconds with 0 technical skills.

In part 1 i showed you how to create a dry brush effect using multiple shades from Zoya’s Barefoot Summer 2019 Collection. Using shades from the same collection i created a marble swirl that’s I absolutely love!

Here’s what you’ll need:
Sally Beauty Proclaim Hair Extension Glue – $1.99
Nude Peach: Zoya Tessa
Purple: Zoya Rie
Pink: Zoya Dacey
Jelly Stamper
Glitter Topper: Zoya Dallas
Silicone Nail Art Mat

I have found the best product to protect your skin from messy manicures has been Sally Beauty Hair Extension Glue. I know, you’re probably thinking… that’s crazy. But it’s the exact same stuff that all the fancy manufacturers are using without the little brush and for a lot less money! It comes in white or black. For $1.99 i think it’s 100% worth it!
I use a q-tip to apply it to my skin around my nails.

The steps are simple.

  1. Apply a clear base coat to your nails
  2. Cover the skin around your nails with the hair extension glue.
  3. Apply a blob of Zoya Tessa to the mat
  4. Add a drop of Zoya Dacey over Tessa
  5. Add a drop of Zoya Rie over Dacey
  6. Swirl all 3 colors together
  7. Press the jelly stamper over the swirled pattern & allow to dry. (dry time is generally 1 min max.)
  8. Press the design onto your nail & repeat to your other nails.
  9. Remove the excess pattern that overlaps your nails with anything .. ie. a toothpick or in my case the opposite end of a paint brush did the trick just fine.
  10. Apply a little glitter to your nail at the cuticle edge using Zoya Dallas.
  11. Seal it in with your favorite shiny top coat.

Check out my video below.

Bonus… Pro-Tip Nail Growth & Strengthener: Garlic Pearls

Stay tuned for Part 3. Floral marble swirl!

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Disclosure: The product used in this post was provided by the manufacturer.  For more information, please see my disclosure policy.


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