VINYLUX 7 Day Challenge

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VINYLUX 7 Day Challenge

VinyLux by CND®

The makers of Shellac”gel polish” have launched a new line of 7 Day Long Lasting Natural Nail Polishes…

CND boasts that VINYLUX natural nail polish will last up to 7 Days of wear.

If you wear Shellac on your nails then you’ll be happy to know that the VINYLUX collection was created in mind to match the Shellac gel polish not only for your nails but for your toes too!

I decided to buy a few VINYLUX colors to see if they really do last a full 7 days!

Take a look at my latest set of nails using colors from CND’s VinyLux Collection!

VinyLux Collections by CND

Lilac Longing #125 – VinyLux Color Description: Opaque Flat Medium Purple
CityScape #107 – VinyLux Color Description: Opaque Flat Gravel Gray
Rubble #144 – Color Description: Opaque Flat Medium Brown
Impossibly Plush #123 – VinyLux Color Description: Opaque Flat Medium Tan
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Vinylux does not require a base coat.
To insure the 7 days of wear you must apply 2 coats of your favorite VINYLUX polish and 1 coat of VINYLUX Weekly TOP COAT

On my solid nails below I used 2 coats of Lilac Longing and topped it off with CND’s Special VINYLUX Weekly TOP COAT
To create the design I used 2 coats of Impossibly Plush allowed it to dry and using a thin striping brush I carefully painted my lines with CityScape and used my dotting tool with Rubble for the accent dots.


VINYLUX The Trendy Nail Review

I bought 10 VINYLUX colors:

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  1. Cream Puff #108 Color Description: Opaque Creamy White
  2. Studio White #151 Color Description: Opaque Flat White (Great for French Manicures)
  3. Lavishly Loved #126 Color Description: Sheer Pink (Great for French Manicures)
  4. Romantique #142 Color Description: Semi Sheer Pink (Great for French Manicures)
  5. Negligee #132 Color Description: Sheer Pearl Pink
  6. Lilac Longing #125 – Color Description: Opaque Flat Medium Purple
  7. Impossibly Plush #123 – Color Description: Opaque Flat Medium Tan
  8. Rubble #144 – Color Description: Opaque Flat Medium Brown
  9. CityScape #107Color Description: Opaque Flat Gravel Gray
  10. Steel Glaze #149 Color Description: Semi Sheer Iridescent Glaze

After putting on the first coat of polish I noticed that the polish paints on pretty evenly… (Cream Puff was the only color that streaked)
It dry’s fairly quickly without any drying machine or UV/LED lamp.  Once the polish is dry, it’s hard to the touch.  The iridescent colors have more depth to them where as the opaque colors are flatter and have less of  a glossy appearance.  The plus is that it removes with regular nail polish remover.  No soaking required.
I even tried layering one of my Morgan Taylor glitter polishes over the VINYLUX to see what would happen.. and it seems to be just fine.  I even put the Weekly Top Coat over the glitter and No peeling, No Chipping. 🙂

Overall i’m pretty happy with the VINYLUX line.  I’m looking forward to trying my next french with one of the sheer pinks….
I would definitely recommend trying out a VINYLUX polish at your next salon visit and let me know what you think of this 7 day polish.




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  1. Amber5748 says:

    Why are you using a lamp to cure vinalux? It cures on its own in 8 minutes so no need for a lamp at all!!

  2. Holly says:

    @skincarez4u Definitely leave your gel polish manicure on for your trip to the Carribean. I went to Barbados for 5 days with my gel polish mani and it held up great. Just make sure you manicure is fresh before you leave. I wouldn’t suggest going on vacation with week old gel polish nails ’cause the chance of peeling or lifting is higher in the 2nd week of wear. Hipe this helps & have a great time!

  3. skincarez4u says:

    I am going on a sailing trip in the British Virgin Islands for a week. Will be in the water snorkeling and swimming for a few hours each day. Not sure how this will affect my gel/shellac nails? Should I take them off before I go or keep them on? Does anyone have any experience with this? Normally my manicure lasts 2 weeks or more. I Read the difference of shellac vs gel manicure is it rite??

  4. disqus_VnXvJN1CP9 says:

    @beauty another alternative for a natural base on a french is Vinylux Lavishly Loved. From the bottle it appears as a creame beige pink.. but when you put it on it comes out transparent. Try Lavishly Loved by CND in the Vinylux Collection.

  5. TheTrendyNail says:

    @f547fa7cd21949d939d5b868705779bf:disqus thanks for taking the time to check out my blog. I would suggest Studio White & Negligee or Lavishly Loved for a pink & white french. Let me know how it works out!

  6. Beauty says:

    Hi there,
    Loved it your blog! Which colors from Vinylux for french manicure? I looked at the CND website and it hasn’t description for french manicure. It’ll be the Cream Puff or Studio White I suppose but for the pink natural style… Romantique it’s quite to pink for my clients. What do you suggest please?
    Thank you,

  7. TheTrendyNail says:

    Thanks! I used Cream Puff.

  8. Tiffany says:

    What color vinylux polish do you have on in the second picture? It looks really great with the glitter!

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