Video Tutorial: Chrome Nail Art

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Playing Koi essie-chrome

Video Tutorial: Chrome Nail Art

Hey there nail enthusiasts!
Today i have two new ways to bedazzle your natural nails using chrome powder.
First off is using nail vinyls.
Nail vinyls are a great way to get a cool professional looking nail design without a pro!
Like anything, practice makes perfect.  But i found that using the nail vinyls with chrome powder was really easy!

In the video above i’m using the following products:

Base Coat – Stick With It – Morgan Taylor
Black Nail Polish – Essie- Licorice or Zoya – Willa
Silver Mirror Chrome Powder #32013 –
Wavy Stripes Nail Vinyls #27417–

 Zig Zag Chromed Out Nails:

*Tip.. cut your nail vinyl out.. and gently remove some of the tackiness from the back by depressing on your hand a few times.  This prevents the nail vinyl from lifting up your natural nail polish.  (Put the nail vinyl to the side and continue with the steps below.)

  1.  Paint one coat of Morgan Taylor Stick With It over all your nails
  2. Paint 1 coat of black nail polish (Essie Licorice or Zoya Willa) over all your nails
    (Wait the polish to dry completely)
  3. Repeat step 1 and apply 1 coat of Morgan Taylor Stick With It over all of your nails (Wait a minute for the clear to dry but still have a bit of tackiness.)
  4. Lightly apply the stencil to your entire nail.
    —For half zig zag nail only apply the stencil to half of your nail.
  5. Dip your applicator into the chrome powder (less is more) and gently rub the chrome over the stencil.
  6. Carefully lift the stencil off your nail and Voilla!  Chrome zig zags!
    Repeat steps 1-6 on each nail.
    No top coat needed!
    If you do want to use a top coat i would suggest Sophi below.

*Note – You can re-use the nail stencils… the less tacky the nail vinyl is.. the better.

 For a half zig zag nail:

Follow steps 1-3 above and instead of covering your entire nail with the stencil only cover half of the nail.
Once the stencil is placed where you want it continue with steps 5 & 6.

SOPHi – Shine Top Coat (Water Based)

Water Based Top Coat for Chrome Nails without gel polish



I would recommend either buying the water based top coat Sophi mentioned above, or going without a top coat.
If you use a regular top coat the chrome will turn sparkly and you’ll loose that mirror, non glitter, chrome effect.

For the second look try alternating shades and only applying the chrome powder to half of your nail.
Here’s a video demonstrating the technique on pale pink nails.

In the photos below i used the following:

Zoya Willa – Black nail polish
Essie Playing Koi – Burnt orange/blood red nail polish
Silver Mirror Chrome Powder

Playing Koi essie-chrome

Willa-chromeI’d love to hear from you… share your chrome mani’s by using the hashtags:  #manisandmuscles #thetrendynail @thetrendynail

(photo credits: Holly for
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  1. I like this combination of red and black with chrome powder. It’s discrete yet stylish.

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