VIDEO TUTORIAL: Easy DIY Nail Art using Foils

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VIDEO TUTORIAL: Easy DIY Nail Art using Foils


Hey there nail enthusiasts!

Ever wonder how nail artists get these cool multi color designs almost looking like foil was printed on their nails?
Well I was recently approached by a representative for Born Pretty Store (an online supply store that has everything soups to nuts especially nail art and nail supplies) asking me if I’d be interested in testing out some of their products?  Well of course I said yes.. and one of the items I’ve been dying to dabble with just happens to be Nail Foils!  I’ve seen many nail artists demonstrate the use of nail foils with gel nails but I really wanted to see how well they worked using natural nail polish.

So I picked out about 4 different printed foils to try. #2, #13, #16 & #23

nail foils 5361 - set nail foils 5361

The first print I used was #16 an animal print on a gold background.  I decided to use the brand new red by Essie for Fall 2014 for my base color called “Dress to Kilt”  ps.. love this deep red wine nail polish!  I was really mesmerized by the effects you can achieve using the foils…. and they’re long lasting which is even better!

It’s suggested that you apply the foils to your nails while the polish is still tacky.  I found that doing this made me smudge my base color.  So, instead, after applying 2 coats of polish, I waited for my nails to dry completely.   Then I applied a thin clear coat over my nails and used that as the tacky surface for the foil to stick.

Placed the foil where ever I wanted, pressed the foil (pattern side up) onto each nail and quickly lifted.  What was left on my nails were pieces of the foil pattern.  If I wanted to go over and add more and my nail lost their stick, all i did was add a bit more clear polish where ever I wanted to the foil to appear & stick & lift.  Once I was finished I added 1 coat of top coat clear polish & VOILLA!

I included an easy instructional video, demonstrating the technique.   At the bottom of the page you’ll find direct links to the items used in the video as well as a 10% Discount Code #BAZQ10 to  Be sure to use the code at checkout to get your discount!

Kinda grungy, and very cool… the possibilities are endless with nail art using foils!

Enjoy Watching!

Nail art using foils--animal-print

This is how the container looks with the foil wrapped up.  If it’s easier you can cut the foil strip into pieces and then use them.



Here’s a pic where I used a white base and my #13 Rainbow Nail Foils

#16 Rainbow-Nail-Foils

I’d love to hear from you.  Let me know what you think of the video tutorial and are you ready to start dabbling with nail foils?!  Leave a message in the comment box below!

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  1. Kim says:

    Awesome tutorial on using the foils!

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