Inspired by the Fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear collection by Versace.

Get these Versace Plaid Nails!

Plaids are BIG this fall… so if you don’t have something plaid in your wardrobe to represent today’s fashion… why not rock it out on your nails?!

Check out the steps below to get these Trendy Nails!


Step 1:  Start with solid yellow nails


Step 2:  Make a palette.  ie: Saran Wrap  Dab some black lacquer onto the saran wrap and thin out the polish by adding a few drops of  OPI nail lacquer thinner.  Dip your striping brush into the thinned out lacquer and  paint 2 vertical lines with the thinned out black nail polish.

(Be sure to leave enough space in between your lines for your ultra thin strip in step 4)


Step 3: Using the same technique as step 2 paint your horizontal lines
(Be sure to leave enough space in between your lines for your ultra thin strip in step 4)


Step 4: Using another very thin striping brush.  Paint 1 ultra thin vertical line down the center and do the same in between your horizontal lines.


Step 5:  Wait a bit for your nail polish to set and seal it off with your favorite dry fast top coat!

Voilla!  Plaid Nails!


Plaid nails are definitely a challenge…and even more challenging when using two bright colors such as black and yellow!  If this color combination is too bold, try out a more subtle plaid and use two lighter shades such as a cream base nail and lighter shade of pink, purple or blue.

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 (Photo Credit: // Nails by Holly for The Trendy Nail)
Disclosure:  The polish mentioned in this post was purchased by me excluding the Zoya nail polish which was provided by the manufacturer.  For further details visit my disclosure page.
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