What’s Your Favorite Color?

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Vant To Bite My Neck

What’s Your Favorite Color?

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A common question that tends to pop up among friends when talking about styles, whether it relates to home furnishings, clothes, jewelry etc. is

“What’s Your Favorite Color?

I have a few friends that come to mind when talking about this subject.  One of my friends LOVES the color “Purple”….  Almost everything she owns has some sort of purple “something” in it.  Another friend of mine has an affinity towards all things Hello Kitty & the color Pink!

As for me, I have a hard time picking out my #1 FAVORITE!  There are just so many colors that I love!  In my home I gravitate towards a neutral palette with accents of red & blue.  But in my life regarding nails.. my affinity towards colors is limitless!

Finding the “Right Shade

I find that it all depends on your skin tone.

I have more of an olive skin tone.  So, colors that lean towards the blue end of the color wheel tend to work best for me.  Sometimes its trial and error… Sometimes I’ll buy a polish just ’cause I love the way it looks in the bottle but it just doesn’t look so great on my nails… and why do i do this???  Good question… Trial & Error I guess.  😉

Another recent purchase of mine was  “Vant to Bite My Neck” by OPI it’s from the Spring/Summer 2013 Euro Centrale Collection.

Vant To Bite My Neck

Here’s The Breakdown:

Base: 1 Coat /  Seche Clear
Color: 2 Coats / Vant To Bite My Neck – OPI
Top: 1 Coat / Seche Vite

My Review:  If you’re looking for a sexy shade of Eggplant Purple with a Non Shimmery Flat Finish, then you’ll love this color!

Some shades of polish have that black w/ a tint of purple look.  This isn’t the case for this color. The pigment is distinct, while casting almost an indigo / purple hue.  I was really happy with it

It also looks really nice with a light shimmer tip, a black tip or a glitter overlay try it with Pink Yet Lavender – OPI.  I tried each but was in a rush today and only had time to post this pic at the moment. I will definitely post the other 3 options within the next few days.  🙂

I love hearing about new colors, polish shade combo’s and just about anything nail / fashion related.

I would love to hear from my readers.

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