Video How-To: Valentine Nail Art

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Valentines Nail Art

Video How-To: Valentine Nail Art

Valentines Day Nail Art

Happy Valentines Day Nail Peeps!

My apologies for the lapse in posts but i’ve been so busy with my day job i really haven’t had a minute to blog…. but since it’s Valentines Day i carved out some to time to share this quickie v’day tutorial with y’all!

This special Valentine Nail Art tutorial features marble hearts and geometric blocking patterns.  I used 2 different nail stencils from Born Pretty Store and 2 shades of Essie Gel Couture Stitch by Stitch and The IT-Factor along with a white nail polish for my base color.


  • 24 Sheet/set of Nail Vinyls from – USD $4.59 Item:38005
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This is a great set to have ’cause it comes with 24 sheets of various patterns to play with!
They work great, especially for those of you who lack in the art of fine line drawing & really want a patterned nail.  The key to using nail stencils is simple.

  1. Make sure your base nail polish color is fully dry before applying the sticker to your nail.
  2. Once you apply your stencil to your nail and choose the colors you want to use & apply with either a foam sponge or paint directly over the stencil onto your nail.
  3. MOST IMPORTANT TIP:  QUICKLY REMOVE THE STENCIL WHILE THE POLISH IS STILL WET.  This will ensure that the pattern adheres perfectly to your nail and not the stencil.
  4. Each stencil is re-usable… at least 3-4 times… or as long as the stickiness lasts.
  5. If you’re lucky to have a silicone mat to practice your nail designs you can also use that to create a nail sticker and then apply that directly to your nail.
  6. Don’t forget to protect your nail art with your favorite clear, dry fast top coat for a perfect, flawless finish.

In the video tutorial below I created my patterns on my silicone mat and then applied my custom made nail stickers directly to my nails.
But, like i said before… it’s just as easy to apply the stencil directly to your nail and then paint over them using the steps I suggested above.


Don’t forget to scroll down for more product links used in this tutorial.
Enjoy & Happy Valentines Day!!!!

Skill Level: Intermediate

Here’s a closer look at the different stencils that come in the 24 Sheet/set of Nail Vinyls
Item: #38005


Direct links to the two Essie Gel Couture nail polishes i used in my tutorial.

Essie Gel Couture "Stitch by Stitch"

Essie Gel Couture “Stitch by Stitch”

Essie Gel Couture "The IT-Factor"

Essie Gel Couture “The IT-Factor”

Here’s an added bonus Valentine Nail Art video… no special tools required.

Skill Level: Beginner

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