TUTORIAL THURSDAYS: Nail art dots inspired by Fendi Resort 2015

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TUTORIAL THURSDAYS: Nail art dots inspired by Fendi Resort 2015


A different take on a dot pattern inspired by the Fendi Resort 2015 collection.

There’s a few cool things about this design… not only is it really easy to achieve, I’m also using one of the new colors called Roarrrrange from Essie’s Summer 2014 collection!

I’m not a big wearer of Orange nails… but when i put this on and added a matte top coat I was loving the shade!  Here’s what you’ll need to get these trendy nails.

The Tools

Orange nail polish:  Roarrrrange by Essie

Black nail polish:  Licorice by Essie

White Nail Polish:  Azature Faint White

Medium Tip Dotting Tool

Matte Top Coat:  Matte About You by Essie

FYI:  You can use virtually any matte top coat, but I think Essie’s Matte Top Coat – Matte About You leaves the best matte finish.  I tried Matte me crazy by NYC a much cheaper brand and it still didn’t hold the same solid matte finish like the Essie brand.  So spending a little bit more $$ on quality nail polish products does make the world of difference.  Plus, this bottle has lasted me almost an entire year and no clumping or thinning.  I would highly recommend picking up a bottle of Matte About You by Essie if you like matte nail polish.


Step 1:  After applying your base coat.  Apply 1 coat of Roarrrrange by Essie.


Step 2:  Using your dotting tool apply staggering lines of large dots with your black nail polish.  I used Licorice by Essie.


Step 3:  An easy trick to create a black shadow under your white dots.  Apply another set off large dots using your white nail polish and the same dotting tool a little off center, over the black dots.


Step 4: Wait for your dots to set for a few minutes and then apply 1 coat of matte nail polish to finish off your look.  I used Matte about you by Essie.


Voilla!  Here’s the final look!  Pretty cool right?!  I’d love to hear from you… don’t forget to leave a comment below and let me know what you think about my shadow dots.


(Photo Credits: Fendi Resort 2015 – Style.com //  Nails by Holly for The Trendy Nail)
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