TUTORIAL THURSDAY: Simple & Chic Black & White Nails

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TUTORIAL THURSDAY: Simple & Chic Black & White Nails


Black & White Nails… another trend for summer!

Today’s Tutorial Thursday nail art is inspired by the recently released 2015 Resort Collection for Oscar De La Renta.  Simple and chic with using only 2 colors, this elegant dot patterned skirt easily translated into some really trendy nail art!  What’s nice about this one is you don’t need a steady hand!  Simply a striping brush nail art duo pen will do!  No special tools!  Gotta love it!


Here’s what you’ll need to create this black and white dotted nail look!

The Tools

White Nail Polish – I used Azature Faint White.  btw… I love this nail polish because it glides on so smooth without any clumps and is extremely long lasting.  I’ve had this bottle for over 3 months now and the consistency is the same as when I first got it.  I know it’s a bit pricey but it’s well worth the $25!

Black Nail Art Duo – Color Club .. These nail art duo’s are great for un-complicating things when it comes to nail art.  It saves having to buy an extra nail art striping brush ’cause it’s built in.   One end has the striping brush and the other has the dotting tool (a pen tip)
The only drawback to these is that they only last about a month… The pen tip tends to clog after a while and the polish gets clumpy… But since it’s only $4 a bottle it’s worth it!

Matte Nail Polish – Matte About You by Essie.  Any matte nail polish will do… but i’m loving the essie brand right now.


Step 1:  Start off with solid white nails.  I used Azature Faint White by Azature.


Step 2: Using the striping brush from your black nail art duo pen drag the striping brush across the tips of your nails.

(It’s okay if your lines aren’t straight… you’ll be adding dots to cover up the edges of the lines in step 4)


Step 3: Using the dotting end of your black nail art duo pen add some elongated dots across your nails.  Leave some white space below your black tips.


Step 4:  Next add dots across your black tips, using the pen side of your black nail art duo.

Step 5:  Using the striping brush from your nail art duo add an off center vertical stripe down each nail.


Step 6: Lastly wait a bit for your black nail art to set and then seal in your design with one coat of matte nail polish to create a cool matte look.



Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!  A pretty quick and easy pattern to do.
Drop me a message below & as always…Thanks for stopping by!


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Azature Faint White – $25

Black Nail Art Duo Pen

(Photo Credits: Oscar De La Renta Resort 2015 –  Style.com // Nails by Holly for The Trendy Nail)
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