Tutorial: Nail Art Stamping

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Tutorial: Nail Art Stamping

Welcome to the Art of Nail Stamping!

Ever wonder how people get those little intricate designs flawlessly printed on their nails?

Most of the time nail artists use a technique called
“Nail Stamping”

It’s exactly that… There are these little metal plates with patterns engraved on them.  All you have to do is paint your nail polish over the design, squeegee the polish, press your stamp onto the plate and then transfer the design from the stamp onto your nail.

It seems simple but it definitely takes some practice.

Here’s a glimpse of my most recent stab at nail art stamping


There are many different stores online that sell these cool nail art stamps, kits & plates.  Heres a few

Nail Art StampingBorn Pretty Store

Nail Art Stamping – Konad

Nail Art Stamping Kit- Walgreens & Bed Bath & Beyond – $9.99 

Here are a few product links from Born Pretty Store
12 x Nail Art Stamp Nail Art metal Template w/ Stamper $12.63

16 pcs New Design Nail Art Stamp Template $18.48

Dual Double Sided Stamping Nail Art Stamper & Scraper $3.03

 Here’s a few simple steps on How To Get A Trendy Stamped Nail!

Step 1:  Start with Solid Nails
I used Avenue Maintain – Essie (Blue) & Thandie – Zoya (Orange)
Buy It Now
Thandie – Zoya $9.00
Avenue Maintain – Amazon – $5.83

Step 1- Nail Stamping

 I used Plate M64 from Born Pretty Store
Buy It Now
New Nail Art Stamping Template-m64 $1.99

Plate M64

Step 2:  Paint Nail Polish over design
I used 2 colors for a multi color look.
Darcy – Zoya (yellow)
Alpine Snow – OPI (white)
Buy It Now
Darcy – Zoya $9.00
Alpine Snow – OPI $6.90

Step 3: Squeegee the polish onto the design.  A kit should come with a squeegee and stamp.

Step 2- Nail Stamping
Step 4:  Press the stamp firmly onto the metal plate.
If there’s enough polish on the design plate, then the polish will transfer to the stamp.

Step 3- Nail Stamping
Step 5:  Quickly take your stamp and firmly press it onto your dry nail.

Step 4 - Nail Stamping

Finally.. apply your favorite Quick Dry Top Coat to add a glistening finish to your nail design!


Join the conversation!  Let me know how your nail stamping turned out!

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  1. Love all of your designs. You are so talented and creative!

  2. Love all of your designs. You are so talented and creative!

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