Trendy Nail Tutorial Thursday

Today’s nail art was inspired by the Balenciaga 2014 Pre Fall Collection designed by Alexander Wang for Balenciaga.
Believe it or not this design was really simple to do and wasn’t super time consuming.  Check out the steps below to get these fashion forward trendy nails!

The Tools:

White Nail Polish

Black Nail Art Duo

Alternative to the striping brush or nail art duo.. see below.

If you don’t have a nail art duo pen, then substitute it with black nail polish and a dotting tool (toothpick) and a striping brush or just use your black nail polish brush.  Essie Licorice has a thin brush that can be used for nail art.

Dry Fast Top Coat


Step 1:  Start off with solid white nails.  I used Azature Faint White Diamond Polish.  (Any white will do, but Azature’s polish don’t streak and are long lasting which is why I like to use them.)

Step1 - balenciaga nails

Step 2: Using either side either the pen or the striping brush paint a few uneven vertical lines down your nails with a Black Nail Art Duo Pen/Striping Brush by Art Club.

Step2 -balenciaga nails

Step 3: Create 3 or 4 horizontal dotted lines 3/4 down your nails with your  black nail art duo pen.  The amount of dotted lines you create will depend on the length of your nails.

Finish it up by sealing in your design with 1 coat of your favorite dry fast top coat.  I used Seche Vite.

Step 3 -balenciaga nails


There you have it!  A simple 2 color graphic nail design inspired by Balenciaga!

(Photo Credits:  Balenciaga Pre Fall 2014 – // Nails by Holly for The Trendy Nail)
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