POLISH FOR A CAUSE: Colour Gossip Nail Lacquer

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POLISH FOR A CAUSE: Colour Gossip Nail Lacquer


Here’s 4 great colors by a new company i discovered a few months ago called Colour Gossip.  I stumbled upon the brand of nail polish from an article written on nailsmag.com which spoke about the newly emerging brand, driven behind their slogan “Don’t just wear a color, wear a cause.”  Come to find out that many of their collections support several charities which is what drew me in as a consumer & made me wanting to know more.

So, besides their charity involvement and Made In The USA… they also get majorly involved with people that love nails and nail art.  If they feature your nails on their instagram or facebook page you can request samples of their products!  All you need to do is add the hash tags #Dontjustwearacolorwearacause & #ColourGossip to your polish posts & you don’t even need to use their colors to be considered.

I was lucky to have received a few of their colors shown above and since I loved them so much I had to share them with you!

Peach Nail Polish: Alimony Pony by Colour Gossip $9

Cobalt Blue:  Very Carrie by Colour Gossip $11d
Color Description:  Vibrant & electric in color, opaque & creamy blue.

Teal Nail Polish:  Tiffany Me by Colour Gossip $9
Color Description:  Vibrant, opaque & creamy teal

Greyish Blue Nail Polish:  Clean Slate by Colour Gossip $9
Color Description:  Subdued but opaque & creamy.  A great shade to wear all year round with a purplish hue.


What I loved most about each color is that they’re so heavily pigmented (lots of color to each bottle) I was able to get a clean solid finish with each brush stroke and with only 1 coat of polish!  Who knew!  So that was a major plus in my book.  😉

About their polish:  Colour Gossip nail lacquer is free of DBP, Formaldehyde and Toluene . We have mixed a high-quality product with a luxury and classic look with vibrant colors, which are chip resistant. A quick drying lacquer with high shine appeal that makes no top coat required.

Here are some close ups of each color.

Alimony Pony:  Colour Gossip


Very Carrie: Colour Gossip

Very-Carrie-Colour-Gossip As Seen On The Trendy Nail

Tiffany Me: Colour Gossip

Tiffany-Me-Colour-Gossip As Seen On The Trendy Nail

Clean Slate:  Colour Gossip

Clean-Slate-Colour-Gossip As Seen On The Trendy Nail


I would probably say out of the 4 listed my favorite shade is Tiffany Me.  It reminds me of the signature blue/green packaging of the famous jewelry store Tiffany & Co.!  I also wore it on my toes for about 2 weeks and it lasted without a chip!

Next favorite would be Clean Slate, then it’s a draw between Alimony Pony and Very Carrie.
You just really can’t go wrong with any of these colors from Colour Gossip.   I’m so happy I discovered them and look forward to trying out more of their polishes in the future!  With a price tag between $9-$11/ bottle you can’t go wrong!

See for yourself:  http://www.colourgossipnails.com/
Have you ever tried this polish?  Drop me a line in the comment box below… i’d love to know your thoughts on the Colour Gossip brand.


(Photo credits:  Nails by Holly for The Trendy Nail)
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