TOP PICKS: Essie Best Summer Pink Nail Polish

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TOP PICKS: Essie Best Summer Pink Nail Polish


Essie Best Summer Pink Nail Polishes for 2015!

As summer quickly approaches I wanted to share with you my top 3 pink nail polish picks by Essie to try this summer!
If you’re wondering how i chose these 3… I basically wanted to pick a new pink from this season Brides No Grooms and the 2 older pinks that my eyes are always drawn to within my extensive collection of Essie nail polishes!  The two older colors (Haute In The Heat & Bachelorette Bash) I believe are still extremely relevant which is why they made the cut!

So here they are.  From dark to medium (left to right)


Haute In The Heat is a nice, warm pink.  Almost leaning towards red!  Love it and think it’s definitely a MUST HAVE for this summer.  A perfect Mani or Pedi color!

Next is Brides No Grooms… brand new from Essie in their 2015 Wedding Collection.  A fun, coral pink that pops right off the bat!  Also a warmer tone so if you’re looking for a brighter pink with a coral undertone this one’s a must!  Love this color for my toes!

Lastly is Bachelorette Bash… an older color from Essie but still one of my favorites!  It’s more of a hotter pink and perfect for those of you looking for a warm, deep but bright pink for summer.  Another mani/pedi favorite!



So, after looking at these pinks, which would you choose for your top pick for this summer?!
I’d love to hear from you… drop me a message in the comment box below.


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    Brides no grooms ❤️❤️❤️

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