Tips to Maintain Strong & Healthy Nails

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Tips to Maintain Strong & Healthy Nails

Many women have mentioned to me their ongoing struggle with maintaining their nails.

Problem Nails:

  • Peeling & Flaking
  • Dry Nails
  • Weak Nails

I’ve had to deal with these 3 categories too and there are so many things that can attribute to causing these “Problem Nail” issues.

Key Factors:

  • Stress
  • Poor Diet
  • Medication

Of course it’s virtually impossible to live a stress free lifestyle and everyone struggles with their diet at one point or another… Medication also can effect the quality of your nails.  But I’ve found a few tricks that have helped me get my nails back to being strong  & healthy.

I discovered these products by either word or mouth or just by stumbling upon them and i’ll list them below.

Nail Products


      • CND Solar Oil  This stuff is GREAT!  It hydrates and conditions your nails & cuticles.
        A little goes a long way, so you don’t need to saturate your nails with the oil to get better results.
        I use this after I moisturize.   Brush a little oil over each cuticle and gently massage it into the nail and cuticle.  I honestly believe that this product has really been the key ingredient to keeping my nails strong and preventing them from chipping.

    My personal suggestion is to skip using Nail Tek or  Nailtiques for a month and switch to a regular base coat such as

    Seche Clear is a light base coat.  If you don’t have time to paint a color on your nails this is a great alternative.
    Essie First Base Base Coat has an adhesive so in it so it helps stick your polish to your nail.. resulting in longer lasting polish without chips.

    I recently switched from Seche Vite to Essie’s “Good to Go” and LOVE  IT!
    Essie Good to Go Top Coat– Apply’s thin and dry’s fast… no smudge or wait time is about 1 minute and you’re Good To Go!

Hopefully these tips and products help you get your nails back into shape.  Please leave a comment and let me know if you try my recommendations or if you have any tips you think would be great to add.


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  1. The Trendy Nail says:

    So glad my tips have helped! It might sound crazy but for me the Garlic Pearls have worked wonders for me! Especially after soaking off gel polish. Keep it up!

  2. Shabaj Ahmed says:

    I am doing daily moisture to my nails and at a same time i got a better result of my nails it helps me a lot now my nails looks great thankful to you for providing such kind of great tips.

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