Tile Print Nail Art

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Tile Print Nail Art

My latest nail art was inspired by this sophisticated summer dress from Cache!

Tile Print Split Sleeve Dress

I purchased this dress for my latest trip to Barbados and absolutely loved wearing it!  It’s so versatile… for day or night and since the material is ultra light it’s great for warm, humid climates.  Check out my fashion inspired tile print nail art.

Tile Print Dress Cache


Detail Tile Dress   Nail

Get the Look!

Step 1:  Paint all over white or off white nail.
I chose an off white nail and used Waltz by Essie.
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Step 2:  With a striping brush paint a few irregular shaped boxes, diamonds or triangles.
Connect each shape at a corner with a thin stripe.
I used Barielle Shades: Green Apple Chew #5272
Alternative Nail Polish: Did It On ‘Em by OPI #NL N13

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Step 3: Wait for each layer to dry and using the same method as step 1.  Paint turquoise/blue shapes and connect each shape at a corner with a narrow line.
I used Rocky by Zoya
Alternative Nail Polish: Sally Hansen #570 Water Color

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Buy It Now:  Sally Hansen Water Color CVS $7.99


Step 4  Using the same method as above find a few open areas or overlap colors by painting irregular shaped squares and triangles with a medium sand nail lacquer.
I used Sand Tropez by Essie
Alternative Nail Polish: Revlon Impress #230
Step 5 Paint a couple black triangles, diamonds, squares or rectangles using any black nail lacquer.

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Buy It Now:  Revlon Impress #230 CVS $7.99

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  1. Melissa says:

    That accent nail is awesome and totally matches the dress. Great job!

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