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Gel Polish.. The Inside Scoop

Hey there nail enthusiasts! Today’s blog post is all about “Gel” Polish Shellac™ vs. Gel Polish.. What’s the difference?  Fears.. are gels damaging? Soak-off woes UV vs. LED Gel Polish Maintenance My favorite gel polish systems Let’s start it off… What is Shellac™? When people think of gel manicures, normally their first response is … “Do …

Summer Nails Gel II

My New Favorite Summer Nails!

Favorite Summer Nails – Gel II™ Hello Nail Enthusiasts! I hope everyone had a great weekend!  The weather in CT. was absolutely gorgeous after all of the rain we had last week I couldn’t have asked for a better pool/beach weekend!  So in honor of the first Mani Monday in June I had to try …

Gel II™ Reaction Gel Polish

It’s Wednesday night around 11pm and i’m finally strolling in from a late night at work and a rigorous gym training session … Still having not ate dinner, my plan was to eat my take-out & get ready for bed.  As per usual, my plans changed. Once I arrived home I was pleasantly surprised by …

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