Swatches & Reviews: Zoya Delight Spring 2015

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Swatches & Reviews: Zoya Delight Spring 2015


Spring is officially here!  HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!
What better way to kick off the season than with some amazing bright nail polishes from Zoya!
Brand new for Spring 2015 introducing

Zoya Delight

6 shades of subtle bright nail polishes with some hints of turquoise metallic flashes!
Here’s the line up..

My thoughts on this collection as a whole is … LOVING IT!  At first i was a little iffy, just cause i wasn’t so sure about the pastels.  But then when i tried on the colors they apply with great coverage and no streaking!  There’s 3 Cream nail polishes and 3 with a cool subtle metallic flash.. Probably my favorite part of the collection!

The light colors in the collection will make for amazing gradient nails.   So, definitely try that out!
Each color can be purchased online at or at your local Ulta Beauty Store.
Retail for $9 /bottle

As per most collections.. i do have my favorites.  Rated from 5- most favorite to 1- least favorite

Rayne – #4 – dewy blue w/ metallic flash
Lillian – #3 – aquamarine cream
Tiana – #3 – pistachio cream
Daisy – #5 – yellow w/ metallic flash
Leslie – #5 – lavender w/ metallic flash
Eden – #5 – pink cream

Enjoying these colors i  created a cool spring nail art that turned out amazing!

ZP772/Rayne: Dewy, spring blue with an energizing turquoise metallic flash.
Love, love, love this color.  It applies supper smooth and only requires 2 coats for a flawless finish.  A cooler shade of blue this color will look great on paler skin tones.  I can even picture wearing this on my toes!   Loving the metallic flash of turquoise.  Sparkles and shines!  So, if you’re into blues… this one’s a great choice this spring!

ZP773/Lillian: Faded aquamarine with a glossy cream finish.
Not bad.. Lillian is a pretty creamy shade of aquamarine.  Another color that will look great on your toes this summer!
Applies smooth and evenly.. so no complaints there.

ZP774/Tiana: Palette-cleansing ‘pistachio gelato’ green in a glossy cream finish.
Again.. not my favorite color but Tiana is definitely a pastel bright… great for darker skin tones… it’ll really pop!
2 coats will give you great coverage!

ZP775/Daisy: Refreshing ‘lemon merengue’ yellow with a turquoise metallic flash.
Daisy is one of my favorites in the collection.  Maybe not to wear alone.. but when used layered under a white or another color (like in my nail art above).. it’s subtle turquoise metallic flash really pops!
2 coats and you’re out the door!


ZP776/Leslie: Soft spring lavender with a turquoise metallic flash.
Leslie is another fan favorite!  Loving the subtle soft warmth of the lavender… coupled with the turquoise metallic flash.. it’s to die for!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!


ZP777/Eden: Classic spring flower pink in a glossy cream finish.
Eden is another favorite of mine… perfect pink to introduce with spring!  Creamy and flawless after the first coat.
2 coats shown below.


So there you have it… Zoya’s colors for spring 2015!  Keep me posted… would love to know what you think of the collection.  Also, don’t forget to use the hash tag #everydayzoya to share your nails with the rest of the Zoya community!
Happy Polishing!!!

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