SWATCHES & REVIEWS: Zoya Summer 2014 Pixie Dust

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SWATCHES & REVIEWS: Zoya Summer 2014 Pixie Dust


3 New Textured Colors: Zoya Summer 2014 Pixie Dust

Zoya recently released 3 new textured polishes in their Pixie Dust collection (from left to right)  Bar, Ginni & Arlo

zoya summer 2014 pixie dust

My favorite out of all 3 textured polishes is Bar.


An extremely sparkly, textured sandy colored polish that does not require a base coat or a top coat.  I’m not the biggest textured polish fan & I wasn’t sure how i would feel about these colors.
To my surprise after trying out Bar I was pretty intrigued by the color but not 100% sold on the collection as a whole.

I applied 2 coats over my bare nails.  The formula is pretty thick so you don’t need a ton to get full coverage with Bar.  At first it seems sheer but once it begins to dry it creates a sandy base layer.   Making the the 2nd coat really POP!  My nails look & feel like shiny crystal balls.  Too bad I don’t have a formal occasion to go to… ’cause this polish is definitely PARTY APPROVED! 
It may not be for everyone, due to it’s heavy texture and can be a bit tedious to remove depending on how many layers you apply.  Another suggestion would be to apply a peel off base coat first like the one that OPI just came out with called Glitter Off Peel-Able Base Coat.

There are large holographic flecks, combined with a clear jelly base and micro textured glitters which create this cool reflective, sandy textured appearance over your nails.  With every movement your nails will appear to sparkle and bling!

It might not go with all your daily summer office wear… but for night time it’s perfect!  No need for a top coat ’cause this polish dries fast.

Due to the heavy texture this polish should last you at least 5-7 days without chipping, but be prepared to take some time removing it.  Or you can use the acetone route which will take it off in a snap.  Just make sure you douse your nails in cuticle oil, ’cause the acetone is extremely drying to your nail beds.

This pic below was taken in the daylight.


This one’s taken inside with a flash.

Here’s another shot indoors, without the flash.


I’d have to say this color definitely looks better in person then in photos.  So if you happen to be in an Ulta Beauty Store… go check out this color Bar in the Summer Pixie Dust Collection for 2014 & let me know what you think!

Suggested Retail: $10/ bottle.  & can be purchased through Ulta Beauty, or online at

Next is Arlo – An extremely textured light purple nail polish with giant holo glitter chunks.  I have 2 coats on my nails.  I must say, i just wasn’t a huge fan of this color.  It’s just extremely textural and just kinda blah.  Besides being a pain in the neck to remove… I just can’t see wearing this color, it’s just too clumpy & textural for my taste.

Arlo-The Trendy Nail

Lastly is Ginni a soft baby pink textured jelly with giant holo flakes and flecks.  I found that it took about 3 coats to get full coverage.  Another color I would have to pass on in this collection.  Like Arlo it just didn’t do much for me.  I wasn’t impressed by the finish and less impressed by the color.  The heavy flakes and flecks made it look messy and flat & it’s also a pain in the neck to remove.

Ginni- The Trendy Nail

Suggested Retail: $10/ bottle.  & can be purchased through Ulta Beauty, or online at

Overall i would probably pass on all three but if I had to pick a favorite it would have to be Bar.  There are many other Pixie Dust colors I’d choose before i’d pick any of these.  ie.  Tomoko, Godiva, Stevie, Miranda or Arabella

Sadly I must admit, maybe it’s time for Zoya to slow down on the Pixie Dust production and focus more on the creams and matte tones.  I know people like glitter but it seems as though the textural sandy polish trend is fading fast.

I’d love to hear your thoughts… weigh in you vote… Are you a glitter nail fanatic or are you happy to see it whisked away on the pixie dust train to heaven?  Leave a message in the comment box below.

This collection is up for grabs this Wednesday! Stay tuned!

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