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Stella McCartney 2014 Resort Collection

To kick off the weekend I decided to create a fun & easy nail design inspired by a piece from Stella McCartney’s 2014 Resort Collection

For my main color I used “Sunday Funday” from Essie’s new Naughty Nautical Line launched in June.


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Step 1
2 Coats of Waltz -Essie


Step 2
Using a striping brush paint 2 lines of leaves with Sunday Funday- Essie
Leave some space in between the 2 lines of leaves and add dots using a dotting tool or the tip of a ball point pen.

Step 3
Using a thin brush (I used my striping brush)  Paint your hearts. They don’t have to be even or symmetrical. 


Stella McCartney Mani Muse Resort 2014

After looking at my nails I have a few critiques of my own.
I ended up adding an extra line of dots as an after thought.. Kind of wish I didn’t. 🙂  I also would have liked it more if I had painted a linen texture for all the nails and left the accent nail for the print design.  But again.. just my preference. 🙂
What do you think?  Weigh in your vote..
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