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Sprinkle Nails

Sprinkle Nails

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Hi Nail Enthusiasts!

I’ve been thinking about creating a cute design on my nails but using things around my house rather than expensive tools bought at Sephora or Sally’s.. etc..
I came up with this cute design using tape, a toothpick, scallop edged scissors & my nail polish. šŸ™‚
Let me know what you think!

I call it:

“Sprinkles Nail Embellishment”

Left Hand - Sprinkle Nails Right-Hand-Sprinkle Nails

Here’s how you get the look:
First you need the following: Tools

Polish your nails with a clear base coat and then your base color.
Apply 1 coat of your base color. In this case I used French Affair – Essie
* If your base color isn’t opaque enough use 2 coats and then follow-up with 1 coat of seche-vite dry fast. It’s important before applying your tape to make sure your nails are nice and dry.





STEP 3 Cut the tape to the size of your nail so it will wrap.

STEP 4 Wrap your nail with the tape. Try to press the tape firmly to your nail so it doesn’t bubble. ** It’s good to make sure your nails are nice and dry when you do this **


STEP 5 Paint the tip of your nail with the contrasting color. I used Anti-Bleak NL M44 – OPI
** Make sure your nail is dry before taking off the tape.

STEP 6 Carefully remove the tape once the tip is dry.

STEP 7 Apply your dots. I used both ends of the toothpick for different size dots. You can cut the toothpick to get a larger dot. It helps to practice first on a paper plate.

STEP 8 Apply Seche-Vite as your top coat for a nice shiny finish!

Voila! You’re done!

Happy Painting!!!


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  1. neilanie says:

    I love this! Absolutely adorable! I am passing the Liebster Award to you. Keep blogging=)

    Here is a link http://www.willworkforpolish.com/2013/03/liebster-award-many-thanks.html

    • Holly says:

      Thanks so much!!! I’m honored to receive such a great acknowledgement!
      Long Live Beautiful Nails!!! šŸ™‚

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