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What is a Ruffian Manicure?

The name “Ruffian” was given to the style of manicure that mimics the shape of your natural bare nails using contrasting colors one for your entire nail and another for the small  crescent shape along your cuticles.

This manicure debuted in the Fall 2009 runway show put on by Ruffian.  Since then, it has gained popularity and has taken the manicure world by storm!  The best part about this manicure is that you can replicate it yourself at home.

Loving this red & sand combination I decided to try out a “Ruffian” manicure.

I really like how the sandy base color pops against the lipstick red, so I used Pixie Dust shade Tomoko by Zoya.  Now normally, pixie dust colors are textural, but Tomoko is fine enough to use for a base to layer polish shades over.
Adding another twist to my nails I applied 2 thin lines of nail art striping tape in gold to each of the tips.
My only gripe with using nail art tape with natural nail polish is the challenge of having it stick and last!

I have yet to find success in this.  You really have to layer about 3-4 coats of clear polish over the tape to prevent it from lifting.  So if you decide to try out nail art tape.. be aware… the probability of it lifting and peeling away after 1 day of wearing it is about 80-90%!
I would suggest using the nail art tape with gel polish.  Then you’ll be guaranteed a sure stick!

The Tools

Tomoko – Zoya
Azature Red
Gold Nail Art Striping Tape
Thin Nail Art Brush

  • First I started off with 2 coats of Tomoko over my bare nails.
  • Next I used a thin striping brush and painted a small outline hump at the base of each nail.
  • Once I had my outline set, I filled in each nail with 2 coats of Azature Red.
  • Lastly I applied two thin lines at the tips of each nail with gold nail art striping tape & sealed them in with 1 coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast Nail Polish.
  • After that I applied about 3-4 more layers of a thinner top coat clear polish to seal in the tape.
    I tried a few different clear top coats.. Seche Clear and Second Shine Around by Essie.



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