Video Tutorial: Funboy Rainbow Cloud Inspired Nail Art

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Video Tutorial: Funboy Rainbow Cloud Inspired Nail Art

essie rainbow stripe nails

Funboy Rainbow Cloud Inspired Nail Art Tutorial 

Happy Labor Day Weekend nail and beauty enthusiasts!

Today’s nail art was inspired by an incredible”Rainbow Cloud Daybed” pool float i stubbled upon on Instagram from @funboy.  Absolutely obsessed with this pool float i knew i had to have it, but shelling out a whopping $169 + tax & shipping for a seasonal pool float was not in my budget.
I stayed patient with the hopes that as the season progressed, maybe they would run a sale.  Well, I was in luck and indeed my rainbow cloud pool float did go on-sale for $139!  Plus, when i had signed up to their email list and they emailed me an additional 10% off coupon code… double bonus!

So, with my birthday quickly approaching I had to treat myself and all in all i ended up spending $125 w/ free shipping and saving a little over $40 for this amazing 2 person rainbow cloud pool float!  I mean, who wouldn’t want to float around on a rainbow cloud?! Right?!

Shop the @funboy luxury pool floats with 10% discount and free shipping on, Neiman Marcus and
They also have unicorn pool floats, red lips, private pool jets and more!

rainbow stripe nails funboy float

funboy rainbow cloud daybed

So, today’s nails were inspired by the rainbow!  Super easy and not 100% perfectly straight lines either.. so anyone can tackle this fun nail art design!

Here’s what i used to create my rainbow stripe nails:
Base Coat: Probelle Nail Strengthener #2 Base Coat
Base Color:  Bright Yellow – Ginger + Liz Playing Innocent
Red Stripe: Essie Fifth Avenue
Peach Stripe: Zoya Laurel
Blue Stripe: Zoya Dory
Turquoise Green Stripe: Essie Naughty Nautical
Purple Stripe: Essie Shade On
Metalic Overlay: Zoya Leia
Top Coat:  Dermelect Resist 

Step 1: Simply start with a clear base coat to protect your nails.
Step 2: Add 1 coat of Ginger + Liz bright yellow Playing Innocent.
Step 3: Add a thin stripe of red, peach, leaving a space of yellow, blue, green & purple.
Step 4: Add a little sparkle to each nail by brushing a light coat of Zoya Leia over the top.
Step 5:  Seal in your rainbow stripes with 1 coat of your favorite top coat.  I chose a new base/top coat by Dermelect Resist.
(Resist: A base and top coat nail bitter preventative formula with nail strengthening peptides.  With this clear coat comes a very bitter taste to stop prone-nail bitting habits and IT WORKS!  I would highly recommend this product to all you nail biters.  Not only has it prevented me from nail biting during stressful times, but I have definitely seen a difference in my nails becoming stronger while growing longer. — Dermelect Resist product release date is the end of September.  Sugg. retail $15)

Take a look at the video tutorial below:


(photo credits: holly for

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