Nail Art: Rainbow Nail Foils

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nail foils essie wearing hue

Nail Art: Rainbow Nail Foils

rainbow nail foils essie wearing hue

Hey there nail enthusiasts!
Feeling kinda multi color grunge, i decided to break out my nail foils for a lil colorful but gritty manicure.

I didn’t create a tutorial for this look, just ’cause i did it on a whim & actually loved how it turned out.  But in case you need a visual aid like myself at the bottom of the page i have a youtube video demonstrating how to use nail foils on natural nails with natural nail polish.

Of course nail foils work great with gel polish ’cause of the sticky base the foils adhere to.  But… when using natural polish, all you need to do is add a light coat of clear (preferably a non dry fast clear coat) over your color.. allow it to semi-dry where the clear is still a bit tacky, then apply your foils wherever you want a splash of color.

This time i used Sophi Shine Top Coat to seal in my foils and prevent that weird crackle effect that tends to happen when you apply a regular clear dry fast top coat.  The Sophi Shine Top Coat is a water based top coat so it doesn’t react to the foils.  I also use this top coat when applying my chrome powders to my natural nails.

In the design above i used 1 coat of Essie Gel Couture Wearing Hue.  (“Wearing Hue” tends to be a bit streaky… but it’s okay ’cause the foils cover any imperfections.)  I like the creamy pink tone which is why i picked it for the base color. The foils i used are from Born Pretty Store Rainbow Foil #13

nail foils 5361 - set nail foils 5361

If you buy your foils from be sure to use my 10% Discount Code #BAZQ10 at checkout to get your discount!

Kinda grungy, and very cool… the possibilities are endless with nail art using foils!

Enjoy Watching!

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