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monkey nail dryer


monkey nail dryer

Hey there nail enthusiasts!
Every so often I’ll review a product from
So, here’s a really cute accessory to add to your collection of “things i really don’t need, but i want!” lol

Cute Monkey Nail Dryer – Retail $6.40

Here’s a quick little product demo video I originally aired live on my facebook page, decided to edit it & here’s the shortened version.

My overall review for the Monkey Nail Dryer would be that it’s a really cute gift especially for someone just starting off with nail painting… maybe age 10+.
It definitely generates enough air through the little slot below the mouth of the monkey, to dry your nails.  But realistically for an adult, it would probably take 10-20 minutes to dry all of your nails, rotating each finger… 1-2 min/ nail.

It requires 2 AAA batteries to operate, so if you do pick this up as a gift I would recommend adding in the batteries too. 🙂

Don’t forget to use my 10% discount code – BAZQ10 at checkout from

On a side note… in the video i’m wearing Zoya “Debbie” from the new Zoya Naturel 3 collection and absolutely love it!
Debbie – Color description: A warm deep plum brown.


1 – 2 coats required, but if you’re in a rush you can definitely get away with one coat because the coverage is that good!
You can pick up Zoya Debbie at for $10/ bottle.

Stay tuned for more product review and nail art tutorials coming soon!

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