VIDEO TUTORIAL: Protecting Your Manicure Using Nail Shields

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VIDEO TUTORIAL: Protecting Your Manicure Using Nail Shields


I’m always looking for the next great invention for at home DIY manicures.  I recently discovered a great product sold by called “Nail Shields”.  They’re little plastic moveable shields attached to what looks like a small butterfly hair clip, which then attaches to each finger.  The little shield is narrow in shape, with a moveable mechanism, intended to protect your nails while you’re waiting for them to dry.

A pretty cool invention if you ask me.  🙂  So, when the representatives from Born Pretty Store asked me which products I would like to test out and review for my blog, naturally these were top on my list!


It’s easy for me to say how great they are but what’s better than a video to show you how they really work?!

Below is a video demo of how I used the nail clips… and they actually do work!  Once I was finished painting both sets of nails I flipped down the shield tops and roamed around my house…. picking up things.. and just going about my house seeing what I was able to do without scuffing a nail.

  • 80% – Getting dressed… not quite successful w/o scuffing my thumbs… but all my other nails stayed scuff free.  (I needed to use my thumbs and those were the one’s that got scuffed first.
  • 100% – Picking up and putting away small things like papers, kitchen utensils… 100% success… no scuffs!

I’d have to say… they’re pretty cool and if you’re clumsy like me and need a little extra nail protection while you’re waiting for your tips to dry…. the nail shields are your solution.  They feel a little strange at first, but it’s not so hard to get the hang of.  You don’t have to have all 10 on before you begin to polish (like in my video).  You can paint your non dominant hand first with the clips on… and then paint your dominant hand second.

For $3.69 / set of 10… you can’t go wrong! I’ve even included a special 10% Discount Code: BAZQ10 for you to use at checkout!

FYI.. orders take about 10 days to arrive.. that’s ’cause they’re shipping from China.

Here’s a shopping list of all the products I used in the video:
(The nail shields can be purchased at  The other nail polishes can be purchased through for the lowest prices… click below.)

The green nail polish I used in the video is called Fall In Line made by Essie.  It’s brand new for fall 2014 and so easy to apply.  No streaks and you can even get away with only 1 coat of polish because of the high color opacity.  I’m not usually a big “green” nail polish fan.. but this color’s an exception to that…  It’s a dusty, warm green and looks great with olive skin tones.  A must have for your nail colors this fall!  On your next venture to the nail salon definitely try it out!  Stay tuned to a full review of the entire Essie Fall Collection..  until then.. check out the shopping links below for products used in this post.

Shopping Links

Base: Morgan Taylor Stick With It
Nail Polish Color:  Fall In Line by Essie (Fall 2014)
Dry Fast Top Coat: Seche Vite

Nail Shields: Born Pretty Store Item #466

Disclosure: The products mentioned in this post was provided by reps for Born Pretty Store and Essie.  All opinions on this site are 100% my own and are in no way influenced by any other person(s).  Affiliate links appear in this post. When you purchase through an affiliate link, you help support this site. For more info view my Disclosure Policy





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  1. Holly says:

    Good question Victoria! The bathroom test was the trickiest… The thumbs were the only two nails that I had issues with … other than that… my other nails didn’t get smushed by the shields when pulling up my pants! lol 😉

  2. This is awesome! But how did they hold up while using the bathroom? As this is the reason why 80% of my manicures get ruined, lol!

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